Paul Heyman crowns his successor in WWE


Paul Heyman crowns his successor in WWE

Two of the most capable and full of grit managers that WWE offers almost weekly on its TV screens, respond to the names of Paul Heyman and MVP. Both performers have considerable microphone skills, with the first who now follows Brock Lesnar since the athlete took his first steps on the federation rings and with the second who instead in the last period was joined by the All Mighty of the company, former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley.

Finally, after years in which Lashley hoped to have this confrontation, at the Royal Rumble we have had the long-awaited 1 vs 1 match between Bobby Lashley and Brock Lesnar, with the dream match that was supposed to take place already in the MMA rings, but which in the end is instead staged in the rings of the McMahon-owned company, albeit years after Lashley began asking for it.

In his latest interview, WWE Mad Genius Paul Heyman wanted to break a lance against MVP's abilities, electing him as the best future manager of the federation and therefore the one who could take up his reins once Heyman retires.

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Interviewed on The Masked Man Show, Paul Heyman wanted to talk at length about MVP, saying: "MVP called me when I was the executive director of Raw and said 'The Rumble is in Houston.

You know I have a son. My son has never seen me fight as an MVP. You could put me in the Rumble as a talent if you want 'I think life had already mistreated him enough and despite this he always had the strength to stay positive and be inspirational for his son, but in my opinion he still forgot the greatness of what he had to offer to all of us.

I told him 'We will make this deal. You'll be in the Rumble and also in Raw if you want to work on it the next night. Do you like the idea? Who would you like to work with? ' And he said 'Rey Mysterio' I said 'Okay, you're going to work with Rey Mysterio.

I will have the match put on the card, but I want a match, not just an appearance in the Rumble.' " Continuing to talk about the great qualities of MVP, Heyman added: "MVP and Bobby Lashley started to have a very big alchemy, just like me and Brock Lesnar, now you can't see Lesnar alone without me, just as you can't see Bobby Lahley or MVP divided.

I know the dynamics of it all. He would surely be my real successor, the successor of the evolution of those managers who have passed and there are no more, of those who identify with what they do on-screen and with the fans who recognize them for what they do and for how they act in the ring and in front of the cameras.

When Brock decides to leave the scene, MVP will be the one who will take on this role in one of the highest positions in this industry."

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