The Miz on working with Edge

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The Miz on working with Edge

Appearing on "The Ringer Wrestling Show", The Miz talked about his rivalry with Edge and his relationship with Vince McMahon. On Edge's return, The Miz stated: "I had no idea what I was going to do when I returned to WWE.

Sometimes you stay out for a while and then you have to figure out how to get back in to make people want to see you and get them excited. That happened with Edge was coming back. I was like, "Oh, Edge is coming back." I never get a nice welcome when I get back in the ring.

It's always like, "Oh, Miz is here. Put him in a match or something." “Put it in a segment”.

The Miz opens up on Edge

Edge always gives a great return, even if he's been away for a month. He's been away for just one month and literally, everyone is now freaking out because he's back.

I've been gone four months, the longest hiatus I've ever had in my career, but I knew I would be back and the fans, however, haven't warmed up that much for me." The Miz said he was very happy to work with Edge: "I'm happy to work with him.

There were three different ideas about who I wanted on my first return. When Edge's name came out, I was enlightened because we only had one. We have always been on different shows. We were both bad or both good. We have never been on the same program and we have never had a singles match between us, only one in RAW.

We have never even worked in live events. The opportunity had finally come to have Edge versus The Miz and make it really mean something important. I wanted to do something that people could talk about for a long time. So we decided to have Beth come back and have Maryse appear too." On his relationship with Vince McMahon: "My relationship with Vince is very good.

If I ever need something or need to talk to someone, if something is wrong, I can count on him. I can sit with him and he will listen to me until the end. I'll tell him mine, he'll think about it for like three minutes. There'll be a few minutes of waiting and then he'll give me a thoughtful answer.

Really think about everything he says, that he's directly involved in." Bobby Lashley won the WWE Championship this week on RAW after defeating The Miz. It seems like The All Mighty will head into WrestleMania 37 as the WWE Champion and defend his title at The Show of Shows.

He has expressed his desire to face former champion Drew McIntyre next month at WrestleMania, which he also spoke about on After The Bell.