WWE keeps Ronda Rousey's movements very secretive

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WWE keeps Ronda Rousey's movements very secretive

In recent weeks there has been nothing but talk of all those unthinkable and surprising names that could enter the real male or female WWE brawl, with several legendary and non-legendary athletes who have already been confirmed unofficially, such as Shane McMahon or Asuka.

In the last few hours, moreover, other very important names have emerged with regard to Rumble, such as Kurt Angle and The Undertaker, who won't take part in the active match, while those of Bad Bunny and Ronda Rousey, which should instead be included in the list of 30 names, among men and women respectively.

As for the singer who also appeared in the rings of Wrestlemania 37, everything seems to be part of an advertising move to emphasize the rapper's upcoming departure, while the latest rumors speak of a return to the scene of Rousey, after her first pregnancy.

What's next for Ronda Rousey?

Knowing that Charlotte Flair won't be looking across to RAW for her WrestleMania match leads to the assumption that Becky Lynch's match has already been planned. The Man steps up to the challenge of Doudrop this weekend at The Royal Rumble, but rumors suggest that Ronda Rousey could be in town.

The Baddest Woman on the planet is only in town for one reason, and it is the RAW Women's Champion. Apparently, according to what was revealed by the well-known overseas site Wrestling News, it would seem that the WWE has given the order to the Baddest Woman on the Planet not to move from her residence, not before tomorrow, so as not to feed any kind of suspicion or rumors that could bring her closer to St Louis for the Rumble.

As reported in one of the latest site updates, in fact: "A source told us that the general feeling about some of the management's thoughts is that everyone is a little happy that this hype has been generated around the return of Rousey, as no one has revealed anything officially, but there is already a lot of chatter about it and even if we haven't explicitly talked about it, the fans already have a lot of hype about the event." According to what was reported by the PW Insider website, even the personal staff of the athlete, who usually travels with her, would not have been spotted in St Louis.

At the moment, none of the Rousey staff are staying at the hotel that WWE has practically armored in that of the town of St Louis, with all the staff and the athlete herself, which should therefore arrive tomorrow, if the rumors are they will prove to be accurate.