WWE has no plans for Triple H's return

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WWE has no plans for Triple H's return

One of the most important figures in the management of the Stamford-based company, WWE, in recent years, has been that of Triple H, husband of Stephanie McMahon and then son-in-law of the federation's owner, Vince McMahon.

In recent years, as a "simple" wrestler, HHH began to take on more and more important roles, until it became the COO of the federation, completely taking over the NXT show, rebuilding it from scratch, compared to the first editions that had been sent.

broadcast with that brand. In recent months, however, HHH has suffered a bad blow medically, even risking his life with heart problems that have forced him to suspend his job, staying at home for weeks. Still, the wrestler and WWE executive has not yet returned, with his future in-ring that now seems hopelessly compromised.

But what will happen to Triple H as an executive? In recent weeks, WWE has gone to fire even its most trusted staff in the NXT leadership, with Road Dogg, William Regal, Samoa Joe and many more being fired overnight, for no apparent valid reason.

New details on Triple H

There are reports that say with Triple H not available, the show is currently under the umbrella of Bruce Prichard and Vince McMahon. Dave Meltzer revealed that they are happy with Shawn Michaels as the head of NXT for now.

In his latest speech to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the well-known journalist Dave Meltzer wanted to better explain the stormy situation of the WWE COO, defining his future as still quite nebulous, with Meltzer saying: "There are no plans at the moment, nor do we know if Paul Levesque will ever return to the helm of NXT, or if he could ever return to WWE and his creative team after health problems.

Obviously if his health were to improve and if he wanted to, things could change, but the words we have been told are that at the moment and in the near future, it doesn't seem like that will happen." Apparently, the multi-world champion and WWE Hall of Famer of the company, won't return to work in a short time, as confirmed by the Wrestling Observer, with the state of health of the Triple and above all the internal situation of the management of NXT, which they seem to keep the COO further and further away from his old icing on the cake, now dismembered and completely revolutionized.

Shawn Michaels is currently leading NXT 2.0. As per reports, upper management is very happy with Michaels' work. Most of Paul Levesque's NXT crew, including William Regal, were released by WWE. However, the company did not let go of The Heartbreak Kid.