Big E has big plans for the future


Big E has big plans for the future

Former WWE Champion, Big E, plans to recapture the title lost to Brock Lesnar on Day 1 for the second time in his career. On being WWE Champion, Big E said: "Being a two-time WWE Champion would make you so much more important than you already are.

It would make you rare and special. Being WWE Champion puts you in a different category than everyone else. Honestly, I was yesterday. sitting on my couch and I had my usual bags close by. First, I had to pack the bags, right across the living room, so not far away.

But at that moment, I said to myself "You know I miss having that title to my house?' So I'd like to be champion again and obviously have the opportunity to beat Brock Lesnar”.

Backstage News on Big E

On the reign of Roman Reigns: “Roman is having an absolutely incredible titled reign, the best of all time, whoever dethrones this man will be remembered for some time.

You know, this will be a trivial question in ten years, but now I say 'Who will be the one who will end this reign of more than 500 days? Who will have a more incredible reign than Roman Reigns?' I think doing something like that would be quite special." On Seth Rollins: “Seth Rollins and I have known each other for a long time.

Ever since like, in 2010 he came to FCW. You know I won the NXT title by beating him. He is the first-ever NXT champion, but I am the second. On Day 1, it was originally supposed to be just me and Seth in a match. I think he is incredible in the ring, I still see him at the top for years”.

On Big E, Booker T also said: “I think Big E will always be better in the future. I believe he has achieved a high-level position. He can only struggle with some now. He has shown that he is an excellent champion, one who has to be with the best.

And it's something you have to work hard for, it doesn't happen right away”. Later on, SmackDown, the team of The New Day members, faced Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss in tag team action. After the Midnight Hour finisher, The New Day would emerge victorious, giving the former WWE Champion and Kingston momentum heading into the Royal Rumble match on Saturday.

It appears that trade between brands occurred, but at the time of this writing, it is not confirmed who Monday Night RAW would receive in return. It could be revealed this coming Monday.

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