Royal Rumble: Brock Lesnar was betrayed by Paul Heyman

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Royal Rumble: Brock Lesnar was betrayed by Paul Heyman

One of the most anticipated matches of the first Big Four of the McMahon-owned company of this 2022, was certainly the one valid for the WWE Championship, aired a few hours ago between The Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar and the All Mighty of the company, Bobby Lashley.

This match was expected by Lashley for at least 10 years, with the massive fighter of Monday Night Raw clamoring for this contest, ever since he was in the ring of the then TNA, with the title of maximum champion at his sides and in the while he also worked on the Bellator octagons, while Lesnar worked on the rings of the UFC, a rival company of MMA, worldwide.

After years of the most disparate feuding, in the end WWE managed to build this match, thanks to the positivity to the covid that led Roman Reigns to absent himself from the match valid for the Universal Championship of Day One, the first ppv of the company that aired on January 1st, where Lesnar should have gone for the Smackdown title against the Tribal Chief and was instead included in the match valid for the WWE Championship.

After this change of scenery, Lesnar came out as winner of Day One and the WWE has seen fit to build a feud between him and Lashley, not forgetting the sensational feud with the Tribal Chief of the blue show. Paul Heyman, the former Special Counsel of the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns, has sent him a highly emotional yet bold message.

Paul Heyman cheated on Brock Lesnar

In the match valid for the title currently alongside Brock Lesnar, there was a sensational angle that reopened a feud that was never actually closed. In the contest in which it seemed that Lesnar could have the better of Lashley, with the multiple world champion who, as usual, after a few minutes of the match had already paved his opponent with Suplex, something unexpected happened.

In a juncture in which Lesnar had inadvertently attacked the referee of the contest, putting him KO, to intervene in the match was the moment of the other world champion of the company, Roman Reigns, who hit Lesnar by surprise with his devastating Spear and then he also hit Lesnar with the WWE title to the head, with the title that Paul Heyman himself passed into his hands.

With this gesture, Heyman carries out his unexpected betrayal towards his pleasant 20-year-old pupil, with Lesnar who will surely take revenge shortly for this vile gesture, in view of the long-awaited Wrestlemania match, which this time will surely be valid for the 'Universal Championship by Roman Reigns though.