Royal Rumble: Seth Rollins surprised everyone


Royal Rumble: Seth Rollins surprised everyone

If one of the most anticipated matches of tonight's ppv was the WWE Championship contest between Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley, with The Beast Incarnate sadly being betrayed by his mentor and trusted attorney, Paul Heyman, the other contention is very important in view of Wrestlemania 38, was the one valid for the Universal Title of Friday Night Smackdown.

On the evening in which in theory only the Royal Rumble matches should be the masters, in fact, the matches titled valid for the maximum belts of Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown, with four names of absolute prestige that were also the two most important belts of the McMahon-owned company are disputed, in two cartel matches that fans could not wait to see.

After weeks of promos, the time has also come for the face to face between the two former members of the Shield, with the stable coming back to life, for a few seconds, when Seth Rollins had the brilliant idea of ​​putting his entry back on its feet, by way of a mind game, towards his former "brother" of the Shield, Roman Reigns.

After having strangely seen Smackdown's Tribal Chief enter as the first talent of the contest, Roman Reigns, who in the other titled matches always entered as the last contender, we understood why, waiting for the classic entry of Seth Rollins from the backstage of the arena.

Particular entrance by Seth Rollins

After a few seconds of hesitation, in fact, the entry music of the Shield resounded in the arena of St Louis, a stable by now historical which included both Rollins and Reigns, in the company of the former WWE Dean Ambrose, with the former Architect of the stable who wanted to enter with a lot of ring attire typical of the team and with a lot of entry from the public.

As was the Shield's practice, in fact, the three passed through a passage for the public, to land in the ring and not doing the classic catwalk that all wrestlers do, in the center of the arena, with Rollins who wanted to intimidate his opponent with a blow to the heart, perhaps trying to soften the Tribal Chief, with the nostalgia effect, but apparently this maneuver would not have worked, seeing how the dispute ended.

On Sportskeeda Wrestling's Smack Talk, wrestling veteran Kenny Bolin stated that it's the right time for Rollins to win Friday Night SmackDown's top prize. "I picked Seth [to win]. It's time. [Roman Reigns] has had the title for five-hundred and something days, people will get a little bored with that after a while.

I think the time is right. [Seth Rollins'] promos have earned it. We know his in-ring skills. If you got the promos, if you got the in-ring skills and the other guy's had the belt for over five hundred days, might be time to make a change."

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