Royal Rumble: Roman Reigns retained his title

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Royal Rumble: Roman Reigns retained his title

Even the first WWE Big Four of 2022 has now gone to the company's archives, with numerous cartel matches that entertained fans around the world, including surprise returns and sensational winners, which unexpectedly impressed WWE Universe fans.

While Paul Heyman preferred to return to the side of his Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns, betraying Brock Lesnar and delivering the WWE title into Roman's hands, with which the wrestler hit The Beast's head, delivering in the hands of Lashley the victory, on the other hand, the same tribal chief of Friday Night Smackdown managed to defeat his former brotherly friend of the Shield, with Seth Rollins who failed to beat Reigns in the titled match, valid for the Friday Night Universal Championship Smackdown, in one of the first matches of tonight's PPV.

After seeing him again at Smackdown just a few weeks ago, Seth Rollins had in fact reopened a feud that seemed to have aired months ago, with the positivity of Reigns at the beginning of the year, which had led the WWE to have to change the fortunes of the WWE Championship, initially in the hands of Rollins in view of Wrestlemania 38 and finally left instead in those of Lesnar.

Roman Reigns won again

In the match valid for the Universal Championship in that of the Royal Rumble, the fans of the WWE Universe expected something more than what went on stage, with the Tribal Chief of the blue show who in fact cut short, in his contention, preferring a quick defeat, via DQ, but that would still make him keep the title on his sides, without wasting too much time.

After seeing Seth Rollins enter with the ring attire and the classic Shield entry, with the wrestler coming to the ring from the audience, Roman Reigns immediately began his usual bouts to get the better of it, but this time every attack seemed to fail.

to get to the target, not just troubling the Tribal Chief of Smackdown. At the end of the dispute, Roman Reigns had managed to lock Rollins in his guillotine of submission, with Seth who however reached the ropes, interrupting the move and with the Tribal Chief who preferred to continue to maintain the maneuver, making the referee count of the evening up to number 5, or up to the disqualification of Reigns.

With such an ending, many fans in the arena and above all many fans from home, connected on social media, thought that WWE wanted to lean towards Rollins in terms of storytelling, with the character of the Tribal Chief who came out decidedly downsized after almost a year and a half of reign, with Rollins who failed to snatch the title from Reigns, but who still managed to beat the Tribal Chief cleanly, who by not beating Rollins, instead went to attack his archenemy, later on during the evening.