WWE had to evacuate the arena during the Royal Rumble

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WWE had to evacuate the arena during the Royal Rumble

In the following news, we talk about the winner of the women's Royal Rumble of 2022, an event that aired on Saturday, 29th January, in the first Big Four PPV of the Stamford-based company, so if you have not seen the event and if you do not want to have spoilers, we do not recommend reading this article.

Unfortunately, in the WWE world, unexpected events are the order of the day, despite dozens of skilled workers working on it every day, to allow the Stamford-based company to bring the freshest, most innovative and colorful show to the homes of millions of fans.

possible. And, on one of the evenings that should have been smooth as oil, being one of the most anticipated shows of the whole year in the pro-wresling world, something went wrong, with several fans who were hurriedly turned away and fury from the audience waiting in the St Louis arena, where the Royal Rumble event was still airing.

What happened during the Royal Rumble?

That was the only title change of the night since Roman Reigns was able to keep hold of his title despite losing the match to Seth Rollins, whilst Becky Lynch defeated Doudrop. The only other match on the card saw Beth Phoenix and Edge emerge victorious against The Miz and Maryse in their mixed tag match encounter.

The men and women's Royal Rumble matches were littered with surprise entrants, WWE Hall of Famers and legends, but in the end, there were two winners who will now be looking to challenge the champions at WrestleMania. Immediately after Ronda Rousey's victory in the thirty women match, which will allow the returning athlete to choose a world champion between Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch as her opponent at Wrestlemania 38, as is the practice of the winner or the winner of the Rumble, Ronda has indicated the Wrestlemania logo present on the ceiling of the arena, with the WWE which, as every year, has activated the fireworks attached to this logo.

What no one expected, however, is that this logo would literally begin to melt, with fans sitting under the Wrestlemania billboard, hearing a shower of debris and WWE scenery pieces from the very first seconds. At that point, the WWE security staff had to evacuate an entire wing of the arena, that is, all that was below the billboard, with several fans running away in panic, to pause for the scenery to collapse completely.

Fortunately, no fans would have been hurt by it, although obviously, something didn't go as WWE expected, with such an inconvenience that it will now be put under the company's magnifying glass, to make sure a thing never happens again.