The Royal Rumble didn't go according to plan

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The Royal Rumble didn't go according to plan

There were rumors around various wrestling news sites that the plans for this Royal Rumble have been changed several times by a Vince McMahon not happy with the way things were. One of these rumors is closely linked to what happened in the women's Royal Rumble match, with a returning Ronda Rousey who wasted no time immediately taking the victory that will lead her directly to Wrestlemania.

The well-known journalist Dave Meltzer, who in his latest Wrestling Observer Radio, shedding some light on this situation said that Rousey's victory had already been planned for some time, so that has not changed and also added some details on that of Brock Lesnar.

The Royal Rumble put on a show

Meltzer began: "I saw that it was said that the end of the women's match [the Royal Rumble match ed] has been changed, but it hasn't. You know, since the agreement was made for Rousey to do the show and all.

Turns out, she was winning. You know, this has always been the ending. So, I'm sure she was with Flair even though probably, I mean, there have been a lot of changes, probably. I know the male match has been taken. anyway, you know, there have been a lot of changes, but I'm sure the end result was the end result.

Rousey's end result was what was planned and all." So Meltzer said that even though the men's Royal Rumble match has undergone multiple booking changes, Brock Lesnar's release, in the end, may have been the original plan all along and on Ronda Rousey it looks very safe instead, without going overboard on too many changes.

especially on the winner. Now there is only to wait and see who will choose to face the two winners at Wrestlemania 38, with the female part having perhaps already found her answer in a Fightful report. Last year, she also retweeted a picture of Hall of Famer Edge and former WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan backstage.

The two legendary superstars both fought against career-ending injuries to compete inside the squared circle once again. Paige was hopeful that the same would happen for her "one day". As of this writing, it hasn't been confirmed if Paige is set to make a one-off appearance or if she will have an extended run in WWE.

Hall of Famers The Bella Twins and Lita will be competing in the 30-woman match this year. In addition, Michelle McCool and Summer Rae have also been confirmed for an appearance in the battle royal.