Drew McIntyre expresses all his bitterness

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Drew McIntyre expresses all his bitterness

On Saturday night during the men's Royal Rumble match, one of the most beloved superstars of the last two years in WWE, Scotsman Drew McIntyre, who had taken the time to heal from a neck problem, made a surprise return. The Scottish Warrior was initially banned from the premium live event after suffering an injury on WWE Day 1 at the hands of Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss, who had attacked him backstage, obviously all of which served to get Drew to take a break and have him consult.

some doctors. The former WWE champion discussed his performance in a behind-the-scenes interview after the Rumble match and revealed his honest thoughts on the events that took place, especially as he made it to the final against Brock Lesnar.

Drew McIntyre returned to compete in the Royal Rumble match

Drew McIntyre recalled winning the Royal Rumble and beating Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania in 2020, but obviously with no audience to cheer on him due to the pandemic.

He said that he has always wanted to have that moment since he was a child and that The Beast Incarnate took it away from him. “I had to be out for a lot longer, over a month. The doctor looked me straight in the eye and said, 'don't skip the surgery,' the first night I was with him.

Fortunately, it didn't. sat up to heal and back a month, the Royal Rumble, a chance to win and go to Wrestlemania, and this time having a screaming crowd of thousands and who's the man who got me out of the game? I didn't know he was in the Rumble in the first place.

The same man I beat for the WWE Championship in the Wrestlemania main event." The Scotsman also added: "The fact is, ever since I was a kid I dreamed of the main event, winning belts, thousands screaming, and somehow I only had two out of three.

And two out of three hurts in the book. by Drew Mcintyre. I want the main event, I want the title, and I want those people to be there to feel that moment with me and Brock Lesnar took it from me tonight. There's a lot of time before Wrestlemania." Drew McIntyre was one of the strongest performers in the 2022 Rumble.

He went straight after Madcap Moss and Happy Corbin, attacking them at ringside. The former Royal Rumble winner wreaked havoc on the two SmackDown stars, subjecting them to a brutal beatdown with steel steps. He then met Kevin Owens on the ramp, and the two engaged in a brawl that fetched a massive pop from the crowd.

Back in the ring, McIntyre fought Riddle, Big E, KO, and Randy Orton. One of the best spots in the match saw Riddle hit McIntyre with a beautiful RKO.