The plans for Roman Reigns have changed

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The plans for Roman Reigns have changed

One of the most anticipated matches of the WWE evening dedicated to his Royal Rumble, the first Big Four PPV of the year of the McMahon-owned federation, was certainly the one that saw Roman Reigns defend his Universal title from the attack of the former Shield mate.

Seth Rollins. After entering the ring with lots of entry music, ring attire and entrance from the public in full Shield style, Rollins dispensed an excellent performance, giving a lot of trouble to the Universal champion of Friday Night Smackdown, Roman Reigns.

However, the Tribal Chief himself got the better of him, who despite having lost the contest, still kept the belt firmly at his hips, since he lost through disqualification, when the referee of the match counted up to 5, while Reigns still held Rollins in his guillotine of submission.

Apparently, these plans are said to have been slightly modified by the Smackdown athlete himself, who, noticing the "booos" coming from the audience, preferred to put his hand to the post-match script himself by going to attack his opponent, complete with a chair.

What's next for Roman Reigns?

According to what Dave Meltzer stated in the latest newsletter of the Wrestling Observer, it would seem that Roman Reigns himself wanted to change the Rumble post-match script, when, noticing the boos of the fans reported at the end of the dispute, he began to attack his ex-teammate, staging revenge for how Rollins himself had disbanded the Shield.

With regard to this matter, Meltzer in fact stated: "To stop fans from whistling at the end of the match, Roman hit his opponent with a sonic chair when the match was already over, mimicking exactly what Seth Rollins did when he melted the Shield.

So, you know now that the match boos turned into Roman boos at the end of the segment and it worked a lot. So, that was the plan, according to Reigns. He devised it all. They did crap in the end, but they could have taken it longer if they hadn't finished the segment like this and instead they had the stroke of genius to get in the seats." At the moment we do not know if all this was just Roman Reigns' sack or if the Chairman managed to communicate with him through some insider, the referee or who knows who else at ringside, but it definitely served.

to the fans to forget the end of the match, which ended for DQ when Rollins seemed to have the contest in hand. Rollins continued playing mind games with the Tribal Chief and dominate the early part of the match. The match came to a controversial end as Reigns locked in the Guillotine lock on Rollins and refused to let go even after the latter grabbed the ropes.