Finn Balor's fate is increasingly uncertain

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Finn Balor's fate is increasingly uncertain

Former Universal Champion Finn Balor was not featured in this year's Royal Rumble, with WWE appearing to have decided to treat him like Jeff Hardy - to help him help young talent. "Yes, Finn Balor has been moved to where Jeff Hardy had.

Now it is only there that he helps to raise young talents. There was an idea about making it a heel weeks ago, but we haven't heard anything about those plans since. Vince has never seen Finn more than a mid-carding guy. Heyman would have liked to push him in an important way to the moon but Vince is never interested", words of WrestlingNews.

The latest news on Finn Balor

Fans began to wonder why Finn Balor was absent from this year’s edition of the Royal Rumble and to clarify the WrestleVotes Twitter profile. "Confirmed by a source that Finn Balor is not injured anyway, he's out of the country anyway.

WWE expects him in time for Wrestlemania," Wrestlevotes tweeted. In fact, the wrestler confirmed everything shortly after by posting a photo with him and his wife in front of a famous bar in Dublin in Ireland, so he is definitely out of the country, he probably went on vacation to his family.

Also, when asked why Cesaro wasn't in the Royal Rumble Match, Wrestlevotes reported that he didn't get a clear answer. The Swiss is currently on the SmackDown roster but did not make an appearance on Saturday. To the question 'why did WWE not release Finn Balor?' Ringside News answered a few weeks ago, which went to ask directly to the internal sources with whom they speak weekly within the WWE backstage, with such sources that they confirmed how Vince McMahon no longer wants to push Finn Balor, but at the same time he doesn't want to release him either so as not to risk him going elsewhere.

While Vince McMahon has reportedly given up on pushing Finn Balor, he is still too big a star to miss WrestleMania entirely. The two-time NXT Champion is renowned for his in-ring skills, and he can contribute in various ways.

At this point, it's fair to predict that Balor will put a young star over at The Show of Shows. Omos could be an option, as the powerhouse could use a victory over a former champion to club up the card. Another option for Balor is a United States Championship match against Damian Priest. Either way, expect him to be a part of the two-night event.