The end of Roman Reigns' streak

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The end of Roman Reigns' streak

During the Royal Rumble live broadcast on Saturday night, Roman Reigns lost his Universal Championship match against Seth Rollins, getting disqualified by the referee of the contest, when he went to apply his submission finisher to the former teammate of the Shield, thus remaining even after the referee's 5 count, with Rollins attached to the ropes to stop the maneuver.

After that, obviously, Roman Reigns kept the title firmly at his sides, not having lost by submission or pin, but his streak of victories that had been going on for years was still interrupted.

Roman Reigns has finally broken his silence

As reported by the pages of Cagematch, an important site that reports all the statistics of WWE wrestlers, let's find out what are the scores of Roman Reigns in recent years, with the total of matches between TV, ppv and live events that in 2019 are on an 87/11, with an 87% of victories in that year, while in 2020 it stood at a 29/2 and instead last year it has a record of 33/27.

The nice thing, however, comes by eliminating the live events, where Reigns instead has the score of 15/2 in 2020, while instead of a round 19/0 in 2021. If instead, we go to see only the ppv of the McMahon company, only in 2021, Roman Reigns recorded 10 out of 10 wins, making an all-time record.

With the defeat remedied against Seth Rolins in that of the Royal Rumble, therefore, Roman Reigns put an end to a streak in ppv that lasted since his last defeat at the hands of Baron Corbin, who had arrived at TLC in 2019, when Reigns had lost, being pinned after the End of Days of the then King of the Ring.

After two years of victories far and wide, Reigns' kingdom thus begins to creak thanks to his former teammate, Seth Rollins, who was close to snatching the Universal champion belt from his close friend. After retaining the WWE Universal Championship, Roman Reigns' night certainly didn't end there itself.

The Tribal Chief made his way back to the ring during the WWE Championship match between Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley. Reigns caught The Beast Incarnate with a Spear before Paul Heyman turned his back on Lesnar and handed his former client the WWE Championship. The Universal Champion went to hit Lesnar with the title, allowing Lashley to secure the pinfall win.