The plans for Seth Rollins were different

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The plans for Seth Rollins were different

In the weekend that has just ended, various news surrounding the first Big Four PPV of the WWE of the year have emerged. There are many other rumors that have surrounded the event, such as the heat encountered by Shane McMahon during the preparation of the booking of the match.

Many details of the construction of the St Louis event have in fact been left to the rumors of the various sites of the overseas sector, with numerous floors that have been blown up just a few hours after the event and with many others that have instead been chosen precisely in day.

Among these plans, then never aired, there was at one point also the inclusion of Seth Rollins in the real brawl with 30 men, with the former Architect of the Shield who should thus have taken part in the match, after having suffered the sensational debacle in the evening's opener, against Universal Champion, Roman Reigns.

Apparently, after taking the booking of the match in hand, Shane McMahon's said to have ousted Seth Rollins from the contest.

New details on Seth Rollins

Several employees of the creative team also apparently insisted with the Chairman's son to oust him from the dispute, especially from the final part of it, given that they had already known there would be Brock Lesnar to rule it in the final minutes.

Most of the talents and professionals, however, were informed only in the late morning of Saturday, that Brock Lesnar would enter the Royal Rumble match by surprise and that he would win it, because until Friday evening, none of the talents and the creative team knew nothing about the final of the 30-man match.

In the end, Shane McMahon booked the match as he wanted, ousting Seth Rollins and making it to the bottom 4 in the ring, along with the winner, Brock Lesnar, Drew McIntyre and Bad Bunny. The incredible story between the two former brothers was a psychological one, with Rollins often getting the better of Reigns in the match.

Following Roman Reigns locking in a Guillotine, he refused to listen to referee Charles Robinson's orders to let it go as Rollins held the ropes. His refusal to comply forced the referee to disqualify him. The official result was a win for Seth Rollins but by disqualification.