Rey Mysterio recalls his first wrestling match

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Rey Mysterio recalls his first wrestling match

One of the most famous lightweight athletes in the pro-wrestling world, is definitely Rey Mysterio, nephew of the homonymous Rey Misterio Sr, who for years has trod the rings all over the world, passing from those of the WCW to those of the WWE, for then also tread those of the Lucha Underground and several other squares of the independent federations, before returning to work for the McMahons.

In his career, the San Diego elf has won dozens of WWE titles, even going so far as to win the WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship, with his contribution that was fundamental in every part of the card where the athlete was inserted, since its debut.

Obviously, Rey Mysterio has now become an athlete of global importance, but until several years ago, his fame had not yet exploded, with the athlete having to chase success, with terrific performances and sometimes even starvation wages.

, like his very first match ever, which was paid off with a meal and not cash.

Rey Mysterio is a legendary masked wrestler

Rey Mysterio is one of the most popular wrestlers to ever exist. If you know WWE, you have certainly heard of the legendary masked wrestler.

The majority of WWE fans know Rey Mysterio as a masked superstar. However, there was a time when he used to wrestle unmasked. During his time in World Championship Wrestling (WCW), he wrestled for a significant time without his mask.

In his last interview released to the microphones of Brandon Walker, for Barstool Wrestling, the well-known WWE athlete, who in the last period also managed to include his son in the roster of the Stamford company, Dominik, wanted to talk about his debut in the pro-wrestling world, saying: "So I was talking to Edge about the old days in the locker room.

He would say 'Rey, you know we are the only two who have been part of five different decades of wrestling' I started in 1989. So I was part of the 80s, 90s, 2000s, 10s and 20s. This thing is an amazing man. I was truly blessed by God for being able to be in business all this time.

”Speaking in detail from his first match, however, Rey said: "That was my first match. I was 14. Imagine the scene. It counts because I got paid to do it. Not with the money, but with a sandwich and a coke. I was in front of, probably 80 fans outside a church, in a Tijuana parking lot."