Matt Hardy takes a shot at Vince McMahon

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Matt Hardy takes a shot at Vince McMahon
Matt Hardy takes a shot at Vince McMahon

Former WWE Superstar, currently on AEW, Matt Hardy recently spoke on the Wrestling Perspective podcast about him and his brother Jeff Hardy. Current AEW star Matt Hardy spoke about not getting his due in WWE. Hardy said that, unlike his brother Jeff Hardy and friend Edge, Vince McMahon never saw him or two-time world champion Christian as top superstars.

Matt Hardy slams Vince McMahon

On the success of the Hardy Boys, Matt Hardy said: “We were at the point where the Hardy Boys had become super popular. We did really well. In 2000, we sold more merchandise than any tag team in WWE history.

Which is great and it's really great that we were able to achieve these tremendous results. Over time, however, something has changed. Jeff was regarded as the amazing and best guy on the team. Vince McMahon always chose Jeff over Matt Hardy, while when it came to Edge and Christian, he always chose Edge over Christian.

It's something Christian and I have in common, we were a little underestimated. Sometimes, we didn't get the credit that awaited us. Jeff is one of the most loved figures in all of wrestling. He is by far one of the best and most loved in history.

It's crazy how much he is loved. So, working with him, you have to be realistic and understand that you can't compare yourself to someone like that even if you are super popular”. On becoming a single wrestler, Matt said he was satisfied: "The adrenaline and daredevil addict Hardy Boyz character wasn't really for me.

Even though I could and did it great. strength has always been, in my opinion, to play an exaggerated and out of the ordinary character." On his brother's future, Matt Hardy finally concluded: “When we form our team together, with Jeff being the Hardy Boyz it's like riding a bicycle.

You just have to get on it and pedal. Jeff and his passion for wrestling were reborn after he left WWE. There are new horizons ahead of him now. We are very excited about that. Without going into too much detail, I am very happy about where 2022 will lead the Hardy Boyz.

I feel like it's going to be a great year for Matt and Jeff." Moxley, who joined WWE’s main roster 11 months later, thought the match went well. However, McMahon thought he needed to tone down his enthusiastic wrestling style.

“I was always getting told to tone it down, whatever that means. Tone it down. Once, I did a dark match against Ted DiBiase Jr. in Philly. Our match went great and I cut a kicka** little promo beforehand. The response from the crowd to all of it was great.

I had been hitting on all cylinders that evening. The note I got from Vince: ‘Tone it down,’” Moxley wrote.

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