Did WWE postpone plans to split Randy Orton and Riddle?

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Did WWE postpone plans to split Randy Orton and Riddle?

One of the most victorious tag teams of recent months in WWE is undoubtedly the one formed by Randy Orton and Matt Riddle called RK-Bro, former couple champions of Monday Night Raw, who have sold their belts to the one formed instead by Chad Gable and Otis, in the last few weeks.

In fact, in recent months, the WWE had put them together almost as a challenge, with the two characters brought to the scene by the two athletes who were completely opposite, but who nevertheless knew how to establish a great relationship in the rings of the McMahon-owned company and especially with the his WWE Universe, making everyone have fun.

After months of tag team champions of the flag show, many have wondered if the company's management has ever thought of splitting the two, with rumors emerging from the federation's backstage, which in addition to confirming these ideas and plans, they even pulled out the feud that should have existed in Summerslam, last summer and that then someone hypothesized could even come for Wrestlemania 38.

What's next for Randy Orton and Riddle?

Following reports that WWE originally booked Riddle to win this year's Royal Rumble Match, the future of his tag team with Randy Orton seems in doubt. There is now an update on RK-Bro's future and what would happen if they split.

WrestleVotes reported on their Twitter handle that the company initially planned for Riddle and Orton to face off at SummerSlam. They instead won the RAW Tag Team Championship from AJ Styles and Omos at the event. Following that, the plan was to hold off on RK-Bro's split until WrestleMania 38.

According to what was revealed in the last hours by the well-known site WrestleVotes, it would seem that WWE had very clear ideas to stage the split of RK-Bro in the spring, with their feud that should have reached that of Summerslam, last month.

in August, with the two who would have been the protagonists of a heated match of the Big Four cartel. Of course, nothing more was done in the end, with the two wrestlers staying together as a team and some insiders thinking of simply moving those plans up to Wrestemania.

Apparently, however, from the upper floors of the company, it would have been said that if these plans were to be implemented, the feud between Riddle and Orton would have to be for the WWE Championship, with this slot that now seems to be occupied by Bobby Lashley, always should he still come out as a WWE champion from the February Elimination Chamber, already announced by the company.