What will Brock Lesnar do at WrestleMania?

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What will Brock Lesnar do at WrestleMania?

As you will surely have seen, Brock Lesnar was the winner of this 2022 edition of the Royal Rumble of the McMahon company, with the former WWE Champion just defeated by the title match against Bobby Lashley, who immediately went to avenge Paul Heyman's betrayal of him, going on to win the royal brawl, entering with the number 30.

By doing so, it was clear to everyone now, the will of the athlete to go against Roman Reigns in that of WrestleMania 38, with Lesnar who was only waiting for the first available opportunity to be able to announce the thing.

Obviously, the WWE's plans had been there for some time, with the feud between the two athletes that has been going on since last year, when the Beast Incarnate unexpectedly returned to the Summerslam ring, going to challenge the Tribal Chief of Friday Night Smackdown, with the same Samoan who wasn't too happy with it.

Brock Lesnar will be at WrestleMania

As it turned out, tonight, in the opening segment of Monday Night Raw, with Bobby Lashley celebrating his WWE world title victory, Brock Lesnar came to intervene by interrupting the champion, who confirmed that WrestleMania 38 wants to go.

to challenge Roman Reigns for the Universal title, but he wants to do it with the WWE belt at his side, in a title vs title match. Obviously, Lesnar immediately challenged Lashley, who declined the offer for the evening, but this challenge is not far away, given that Adam Pearce wanted to confirm the name of Brock Lesnar as one of the participants in the 'Elimination Chamber of the homonymous ppv, which will air next February 19th, from the company's Arab rings.

Together with four other contenders, Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley will therefore have to fight for the world title, before arriving at Wrestlemania, with one main event already decided and with the other that apparently should be the one between the winner of the women's Rumble, Ronda Rousey and Friday Night Smackdown champion Charlotte Flair.

Lashley later won a #1 contenders match for Lesnar's title, and the dream encounter was made official. Here's what The Almighty said about finally getting to face Lesnar: “I think with a fight like this, it could be something that drags on for day and night.

It’s one of those ones, I’m prepared for either, and I kind of welcome either. You know, of course, if I go and I drop him at the beginning and I turn to you and then you come and run and put that title on, it’ll be a great feeling.

But at the same time, it’s one of those things where you see Superman getting a piece of that kryptonite and just start getting weaker and weaker and you see Brock getting weaker and weaker and I slap the Hurt Lock in him as he’s completely broke down."