Was Riddle supposed to be the winner of the Royal Rumble?

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Was Riddle supposed to be the winner of the Royal Rumble?

As we saw during the night of Saturday, January 29, WWE aired its annual edition of the Royal Rumble, with the event that included two real brawls with 30 men and women, with the winners. who were two former MMA athletes: Brock Lesnar and Ronda Rousey.

If the latter came back as a surprise after almost two years from his last match in the McMahon-owned company rings, with his entry that had already made fans understand how the contest would end, as regards Brock Lesnar, the entry of the former WWE Champion was even more surprising, as the athlete had lost only minutes before his WWE Championship match, against Bobby Lashley, due to the betrayal of Paul Heyman and the attack by Roman Reigns.

If the WWE's intention has always been to make Ronda Rousey win in the female royal brawl, as for the male one, the first name that had emerged from the backstage was that of Matt Riddle, current tag team partner of Randy Orton, who until a few weeks ago was the main favorite at the event.

According to what was revealed by the pages of the well-known site PW Insider, WWE intended to crown BroMan as the winner of the royal brawl,

Was Riddle supposed to win the Royal Rumble?

The reporters of the site, in fact, reported: "The original plan for the male Royal Rumble winner was Riddle, PW Insider just found out.

Plans have changed over the course of the weeks a bunch of times with the final decision to have Brock Lesnar come in and win him as a surprise. At one point, there were plans for Randy Orton to be the winner as well, but Riddle always remained the main name, until they changed their decision with Brock." Apparently, the moment Riddle won the men's Royal Rumble, he should have re-entered the feud with a lot of split with Randy Orton, with several WWE insiders who wanted the two to go to battle in Wrestlemania, with the world title of Monday Night Raw is up for grabs, with plans for their split that are now postponed from last summer.

The Tribal Chief comes across as the favorite to win on most occasions nowadays. WWE Royal Rumble could continue that tradition, with Reigns triumphing over his former stablemate. While Seth Rollins has jumped in and out of the top title picture over the last few years, he is no longer the pure babyface who wins often.

On the other hand, his current rival claims to be in "god mode" right now, which is not a false moniker given his record since August 2020.