Backstage reaction to Brock Lesnar's victory

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Backstage reaction to Brock Lesnar's victory

In the weekend that has just ended, various news has surrounded the first Big Four PPV of the WWE of the year, with everything that came out of the television screens of the ppv which is now history, but with many other rumors that have surrounded the event, such as the heat encountered by Shane McMahon during the preparation of the booking of the match.

Many details of the construction of the St Louis event have in fact been left to the rumors with numerous theories that have been blown up just a few hours after the event and with many others that are still emerging. Among these plans, then never aired, there was at one point also the inclusion of Seth Rollins in the real brawl with 30 men, with the former Architect of the Shield who should thus have taken part in the match, after having suffered the sensational debacle in the evening's opener, against Universal Champion, Roman Reigns.

One of the plans that instead seems to have been taken at the last second, but in reality had already been foreseen for some time, was instead the victory of Brock Lesnar in the royal men's brawl of the company. Apparently, numerous WWE athletes and insiders did not know for sure who would win the 30-man royal brawl, until the day of the event, with the name of Brock Lesnar, who hadn't even been mentioned in the days prior to the event as a participant in the contest.

Brock Lesnar won the Royal Rumble match

If initially, Matt Riddle's name was the company's favorite as the winner, eventually plans turned to Lesnar, with colleagues from The Beast missing out on the same day as the ppv, which is January 29th.

The Stamford--based company, or rather its management, had instead made this decision several days before the Big Four, with these plans that were however kept in great secret, until the day of the event, so as not to leak any details or any big spoiler from WWE interiors, which happens very often lately, as happened with the return of Ronda Rousey.

Although Shane McMahon was targeted by most of the insiders of the company for how he booked the match to 30 men, no big decision was made by the Chairman's firstborn himself, with the name of the winner who was in fact already armored for days, although many still did not know.

Brock Lesnar had Lashley beat in the middle of the ring during the match. However, the referee was knocked out and couldn't count the pinfall. Following this, Universal Champion Roman Reigns came out and delivered a spear to Lesnar.

He then asked Paul Heyman to hand him the WWE title and proceeded to attack The Beast Incarnate. Taking advantage of the same, Lashley pinned Lesnar to become the new WWE Champion.