Shotzi Blackheart's father passes away

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Shotzi Blackheart's father passes away

One of the most particular wrestlers of all the roster of the Stamford-based company, responds to the name of Shotzi Blackheart, a green-haired athlete, with a thousand tattoos and piercings scattered throughout the body and a truly exceptional temperament.

After a career spent in the independent circuit, where she grew up between hardcore matches and matches in the cages, Shotzi has finally landed on the important rings of WWE, first passing through NXT, like all her colleagues and then reaching the main roster, where he is currently fighting in the Friday Night Smackdown rings.

In recent days, unfortunately, the girl has had to face a very serious loss, with the wrestler's father, Paul Urbanski, who unfortunately passed away and wanting to remember her father, the WWE wrestler shared a long post and photos dedicated to him on his Instagram profile.

Shotzi Blackheart took part in the WWE Women's Royal Rumble match

In his last post that went online on his official Instagram profile, Shotzi Blackheart wanted to write: "Last night I lost my biggest role model, my inspiration, my best friend, my dad.

I don't think anyone was cooler or more fucked up than my dad. Biker, black belt, rebel. The real American Badass. He completely influenced me. I wanted to be just like my father. He would pick me up from school on his Harley and let me watch him get tattooed in our kitchen.

He lived a wild life and was very proud of mine. Losing my stepfather last April was extremely difficult and I honestly don't know how I'm going to deal with that. The only thing that makes me feel a little better is that now I know that they are together.

I really love you daddy! Thanks for being my dad. - Dean Paul Urbanski-" From the entire WorldWrestling editorial team go our heartfelt condolences to Shotzi Blackheart and all of his late father's family and friends. Just two days ago Shotzi was part of one of the biggest moments in her career.

The SmackDown competitor made her first appearance in the Royal Rumble as a main roster superstar. Shotzi entered the match at number 29 and was able to last for just under three minutes before she was eliminated by the returning Ronda Rousey.

This was a huge moment for the star and one that she was hopefully able to celebrate with her father just a day before his passing.