Several records were broken at the Royal Rumble

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Several records were broken at the Royal Rumble

Last year, WWE's Rated R Superstar Edge succeeded in a feat that few in WWE history had done, which was to win the company's Royal Rumble for the second time. In taking this big step, the WWE Hall of Famer also managed to make an unexpected record, which is to win the Rumble on the same day that Edge had won the first, or on January 31 11 years earlier.

This year, Edge seems to be able to remain in history but in the company of someone, if one of these three Superstars goes on to win the real brawl with 30 men of the company, with a singular record that, however, can no longer belong to the Edge alone, if a win the match of this 2022 are the following wrestlers.

WWE Royal Rumble 2022 is in the history books

According to reports from the reporters of the Sportskeeda website, who have done extensive research to reach this conclusion, there were only three Superstars of the company who, by winning the 30-man match on December 29th, could equal the single record of Edge, winner of two Royal Rumble on the same day of two different years.

The Superstars in question are: Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton and Sheamus. The elf from San Diego had in fact won the unforgettable 2006 edition, with a victory entirely dedicated to his brotherly friend Eddie Guerrero, who died only a few months earlier, with fans still shouting his name out loud.

From that victory, then came that of the World Heavyweight Championship of Wrestlemania 22 for Rey, against Randy Orton and Kurt Angle. The second case is that of Randy Orton, who won his second Rumble in 2017, on the 29th of January, with Orton who could thus reach the maximum record of multiple Rumble winners (with the third victory) and also contend also the same day winner record of the Rumble with Edge.

As for the case of Sheamus, the Celtic Warrior won his edition of the Rumble in 2012, with the wrestler who then arrived at Wrestlemania 28, in a match that lasted a few seconds against Daniel Bryan, opened and closed with a simple Brogue Kick.

Who knows if one of the three will be able to win another Royal Rumble and if he will do it on the exact same day in which he has already won one in his WWE career? During their previous encounter, the Tribal Chief had said that he would never forgive the Architect.

The latter laughed in the champion's face throughout the match in which he had shown equal domination. The match ended in Reigns' loss via disqualification after he refused to release Rollins from the guillotine submission move. Although Reigns retained his Universal Championship at Royal Rumble, he is not yet done with Rollins.