Raw: What happened between Becky Lynch and Lita after Raw?

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Raw: What happened between Becky Lynch and Lita after Raw?

Last night during the last episode of Monday Night Raw, something happened that probably many fans were expecting, also reading the various messages on social networks in recent weeks around the Royal Rumble. In fact, Lita came out on stage after Ronda and Becky Lynch had a face to face on the microphone and physique, because obviously the former UFC now has to choose who to challenge for Wrestlemania 38, with a high possibility that it is Charlotte Flair as she has said he will pick Friday at SmackDown and that it was already out as a rumor.

Once she joined the Raw champion in the ring, the Hall of Famer praised her by challenging her for her title at WWE Elimination Chamber. Lynch initially denied the challenge, but Lita, teasing her in her pride, made Big Time Becks change her mind.

Becky Lynch and Lita starred on Raw

Adam Pearce kicked off Raw to talk about the upcoming Elimination Chamber Premium Live Event where Bobby Lashley will put the WWE Championship on the line. After the red show ended, as is often the case after TV shows, WWE decided to send Becky Lynch to the ring for a match, as she only had one segment on screen.

This match involved a clash between the champion and an old acquaintance of hers, Bianca Belair. Becky, however, tried to be smart and escape from the arena, but she didn't go well, because it was Lita who made her come back.

In fact, as you can see in a video posted by some fans present at the arena, Lita chases her down the ramp until she returns to the ring where there is an EST ready to attack her and then charges her for a KOD managing to score and then pin it to a count of three in just 12 seconds.

Surely this is a nice rematch for Bianca on Becky after their 26-second clash at Summerslam that cost her the title of SmackDown champion, but there is even more hype around the Lita-Becky Lynch challenge, which promises to be really interesting.

Lesnar then added that he planned to face Roman Reigns at Mania but he planned for it to be a Title vs Title match before claiming his rematch for the WWE Championship tonight. MVP rejected the challenge on behalf of Lashley as The All Mighty and Brock had a staredown before Adam reminded them that the title will be on the line at the Elimination Chamber.