Nia Jax breaks the silence about her farewell to WWE

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Nia Jax breaks the silence about her farewell to WWE

WWE has decided to release, among many superstars on November 4, Nia Jax, leaving the WWE Universe literally open-mouthed, because it just did not expect to see her leave so soon, despite all the difficulties of the woman in the ring.

As she promised via a tweet, Nia Jax decided to open up in an interview with Renee Paquette in her Renee Paquette on The Sessions: "I feel really good. Happy. It's almost like Stockholm syndrome, right? I was in this crazy relationship, almost a little abusive with a company, but there are some good parts, but now it's over and I can be myself again, which I haven't done in a long time.

I feel good, but it's also a scary part of, 'Ok, who is Lina now that she's not Nia Jax?'"

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Then Nia Jax went on to talk about when she was out for a year for an operation after getting injured at Wrestlemania 35, in fact, she then returned in April 2020 after a further period at home because the WWE did not know how to use it, but then in the episodes at the Performance Center he decided to call her back suddenly, but when she showed up something was wrong.

"I came back and the energy was different. Obviously, we are trying to work through a pandemic and everyone was scared. Nobody seemed happy. It was a weird and tense recovery. We were on the PC and trying to make the best of it. Something in the air didn't.

It looked the same. There was a change of guard on the corporate side. Things didn't look like they used to. [...] Then we had those huge cuts. I was in a constant dryer, I just went in different directions and I couldn't settle down." "I walked into Johnny's [John Laurinaitis] office, right after a crazy couple of weeks of wrestling, and I thought, 'I need a break.

Something's wrong. I'm not feeling well. a break. 'He gave it to me,' he recalled. "When I was on my break, I didn't miss it. I heard Johnny and said, 'I know my break is approaching, but I'm not feeling well right now. Is there a way to extend it to the Rumble?' It was like a Wednesday, I told him about this.

Thursday he called me and I thought, 'Oh, he's calling to talk about this.' I pick up the phone and he's like, 'Hey girl, I hate doing this.' Instantly, I was like, 'Am I going to be released?' 'Yup. I am so sorry. Due to the budget cuts.

"Okay, I'll accept a salary cut if that's what it takes", just because I knew it was a whole script. 'Oh, that's not it.' 'So you just want a completely different change?' 'Yes, we will put you on your 90 days. I hung up the phone and was relieved."