Raw: Chad Gable won the scooter race

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Raw: Chad Gable won the scooter race

Rhea Ripley Vs Nikki A.S.H. After this h*t start between Lashley and Lesnar, let's move on to the next phase, which is the match between Rhea Ripley and Nikki A.S.H. Match with little interest, both from myself and from the Cincinnati public, but it doesn't matter.

What matters is the ending: Riptide from Ripley, who wins the match. Winner: RHEA RIPLEY Let's move on with the episode and go backstage, where we find Chad Gable and Riddle prepared to face each other. In a match? No, in a Scooter Race, with the extraordinary participation of R-Truth who waves the flag to start the race.

Did we need it? No. Did we want it? Yes. This was an intelligent booking, which is precisely what Chad Gable is. The former Olympian has been on fire lately, with this week being the latest installment of his comic timing. The RAW Tag Team Title feud has quietly been one of the best things going on in WWE.

Chad Gable is growing up

Chad Gable got into the ring and instructed Otis to hit Rey with another splash. The referee disqualified Otis and Gable as Gable did not obey the referee’s count of five. However, the disqualification didn’t hinder The Alpha Academy.

Otis climbed the second rope as Chad Gable pulled a lifeless Rey Mysterio in the corner. He then delivered a splash off the top, literally crushing Mysterio! Needless to say, the commentators and fans watching at home couldn’t believe their eyes.

Dominik Mysterio vs The Miz Other 1 vs 1 match, this time for men. In the ring we find Dominik Mysterio, accompanied by his father Rey, facing The Miz, without Maryse. Almost flat match, except for a few skirmishes between The Miz and Rey Mysterio, with a lot of shoving by the former against the latter.

Winner: THE MIZ. The Alpha Academy is surely shaping up well, especially after the heel turn this week. Chad Gable has been sidelined for years now, but this heel tag team run with Otis could give his WWE career the boost that should’ve come a long time ago.

WWE has a notorious habit of booking superstars to lose in their hometown. So, whenever someone has a televised match in their area, fans expect the worst. However, this did not happen on WWE RAW this week, as Angelo Dawkins won in his homecoming of Cincinnati.