Raw: Angelo Dawkins won in his homecoming


Raw: Angelo Dawkins won in his homecoming

After this curiosity, let's go on with another 1 vs 1 match, this time for women, which sees Bianca Belair against Carmella. Bianca Belair vs Carmella Suvvia, if Carmella had won, I would not have written this report. So, Bianca Belair, thanks to her K-O-D beats Carmella.

Winner: BIANCA BELAIR Meanwhile, backstage, there is the Alpha Academy who announce that they want to face RK-Bro in a Quiz Bowl for the next episode of Raw. And finally comes a match that intrigues me a lot, as well as the last qualifying match for the EC, which sees AJ Styles and Rey Mysterio, two wrestling legends go up against it.

AJ Styles vs Rey Mysterio. A very fair and clean match, the WWE Universe really liked it, also because we are talking about two wrestling experts. Styles tries to close the bout with a Styles Clash from the third string, but Mysterio breaks free before crashing to the mat.

WWE has a notorious habit of booking superstars to lose in their hometown. So, whenever someone has a televised match in their area, fans expect the worst. However, this did not happen on WWE RAW this week, as Angelo Dawkins won in his homecoming of Cincinnati.

The former Tag Team Champion defeated Dolph Ziggler, much to the crowd's delight.

Angelo Dawkins won

It was a remarkable moment for Angelo Dawkins, who showcased his ever-expanding moveset. The Mexican wrestler throws the Phenomenal One on the second string and goes 6-1-9, launches from the stake but Styles moves away.

After a roll-up by Mysterio, a Pele Kick by Styles and other physical fights, Styles intercepts and executes the Styles Clash against the three-time world champion, who is therefore defeated. Winner: AJ STYLES Elimination Chamber match participants: AJ Styles, Austin Theory, Bobby Lashley, Brock Lesnar, Riddle, Seth Rollins.

Earlier in the night, Gable tried to warn The Street Profits off by saying how unpredictable Otis is, and how he has grown overprotective of Gable. The Street Profits ridiculed Alpha Academy and ended up in the match. Following Otis’ brutal assault, WWE reported that Ford suffered from a partial rib fracture and torn intercostal cartilage.

He was being treated at the local medical centre. In the match on Friday, Otis and Dawkins were not allowed at the ringside. However, Otis found and ravaged Dawkins before making his way to the ring. As he entered the ring, the match was over.

Fans noticed that Otis is now clean shaved and is sporting a pony as he attacked Ford, slamming him to the commentary table.