Raw: Riddle's time as a singles star is near

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Raw: Riddle's time as a singles star is near

We arrived at the Main Event of the evening, which features the winner of the Women's Royal Rumble, Ronda Rousey. After a short speech in which she states that she has not yet concluded some issues with both champions (Becky for Raw, Charlotte for Smackdown), the former Raw champion claims that she is the baddest and that she will think about it for a while.

Meanwhile, Becky Lynch arrives in the ring to respond to the provocation of the UFC but without wasting time, Rousey overturns Becky and without too many words tells him "You will know my answer Friday", then leaving the ring.

But all good things must come to an end, and this is true for RK-Bro as well. Randy Orton and Riddle are far too valuable as singles stars to keep them in a permanent tag team.

Riddle became part of the Elimination Chamber match

With rumors that The Original Bro was originally supposed to win the Royal Rumble, there's been speculation that RK-Bro will be breaking up sooner rather than later.

Fans may have received a hint about it again this week on RAW when Riddle defeated Otis and became part of the Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship — a match that Randy Orton is not a part of. As Becky gets up and starts calling Ronda Rousey cowardly and more, Lita arrives in the ring who, surprisingly, challenges Lynch for the Raw women's title at Elimination Chamber.

At first, the Irishman declined the offer but in the end, she was convinced and accepted the challenge. So this episode of Raw ends with a bang, with Lita vs Becky Lynch at Elimination Chamber for the female title of Raw! Meanwhile, Matt Riddle has gone a long way from being a professional fighter to wrestling on the independent scene before joining WWE NXT in 2018.

Here he adopted the ‘Original Bro’ gimmick and set the scene alight with his style and charisma. The 34-year-old earned a lateral move to SmackDown and will make his bow on the blue brand. Ahead of his arrival on Friday Nights, Riddle responded to claims that he should thank Dana White for motivating him.

However, he dismisses the idea and revealed that he did not watch the clip for over a year. This is because he had no intention of watching his former boss “talk trash” about him. Riddle brings up the fighter pay issue and says, “I basically gave up most of my 20s to him and my body to him for that company. And it barely paid me what they should have. Just like they do to everybody else”.