Backstage news on Alexa Bliss


Backstage news on Alexa Bliss

One of the characters who was missing the most on the Monday Night Raw TV screens until a few weeks ago was undoubtedly that of Alexa Bliss, multiple-time WWE world champion, who had been missing from the scenes for several months, or rather since her last defeat at the hands of Charlotte Flair, at Extreme Rules last year.

For medical reasons, or for a surgical operation on the nasal septum to which the girl had to undergo, Alexa was in fact away from the rings and the television screens of the company from September to a few days ago, when "magically" the girl reappeared on the television screens of the federation's red show.

At the moment, it is not clear what kind of plans the McMahon federation may have towards the former adept of Bray Wyatt, with her presence in the various angles with the psychoanalyst who are sending WWE Universe fans to the asylum, who would want her back.

instead in the ring. Furthermore, in this year's edition of the Royal Rumble, Alexa was one of the biggest absentees, with several athletes and several well-known names in the history of the company, who instead returned to action, precisely for the event.

Latest update on Alexa Bliss

Apparently, as reported by the well-known Wrestling Observer Radio Show, through the words of the usual Dave Meltzer, Alexa Bliss may have been voluntarily kept out of the real fight to 30 women and not for some problem or for yet another injury of the girl.

As reported in one of the latest newsletters of the well-known site, in fact: "She should have been in the Royal Rumble too, but I think they voluntarily decided that it would create a conflict with what they are bringing to the stage." Although this information has not been confirmed by any internal source of the company but is the result of a guess by the well-known journalist, it seems that the choice to keep Alexa out of the match with thirty women may refer to the work that the girl is carrying on stage with its segments in recent weeks.

According to what Meltzer argues, the most likely reason could therefore be that Alexa would have ruined her plans if she had appeared in the match. We'll see in the coming weeks what the Stamford company has in store for you.

This was a reference to Lesnar's promo on Lashley a few weeks ago on RAW, where he made fun of The All-Mighty by making a "knock-knock" joke. During an appearance on Corey Graves' After the Bell podcast, Lashley had the following to say about Lesnar's joke: “He said it on RAW Monday, I’m not gonna say it p****d me off, because I’m gonna keep this smile on my face...

this whole, ‘Bobby who?’ That’s what I told you before, there’s not this whole, ‘Hey, Brock, I’m so excited to get the opportunity to be in the ring with you.’ All this stuff, that’s bulls***”.

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