Randy Orton is absent from WWE again

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Randy Orton is absent from WWE again

One of the most important characters of this pandemic for Monday Night Raw, the main WWE show that has been airing every Monday night for decades now, for the WWE, was undoubtedly Randy Orton, multiple world champion of McMahon, who in the he also held the position of Red Show Tag Team Champion, alongside Matt Riddle.

During this summer, however, we saw Orton go away for a few weeks, although someone did not pay much attention to it, with the athlete who in his latest interviews wanted to tell the reason for this absence, or that Orton was also affected by the perfidious Covid-19, with Randy who had to stay at home longer than expected.

In fact, Orton had an infection caused by the virus, which caused him to lose several kilos, then forcing him to increase the work out in the gym to regain all the lost mass.

Backstage News on Randy Orton

According to what was reported in the last few hours by the well-known site of the Wrestling Observer, it would seem that once again, Randy Orton, has been away from the WWE for some time, but it is not known why.

In the last Live of the Observer, Bryan Alvarez stated that: "There wasn't Randy Orton on the show (Monday Night Raw ed). I don't know what's happening to Randy Orton, but I'm told 'there won't be Randy Orton on the show for a while." At the moment, it is unknown what is keeping the WWE Legend Killer out of the scene, if some medical problem or some personal problem, with the absence of him that does not seem to be due to specific storyline choices.

At the moment, we don't even know if Randy could have come back positive for covid, months after the first time this summer. At the time, WWE was discussing the possibility of splitting the two of the RK-Bros, with such plans that already had to be staged ahead of Summerslam and were eventually postponed to a later date.

Reggie was signed by WWE two years ago, debuting as Carmella's sommelier on SmackDown. He then stepped into the ring in a match against Sasha Banks, which he lost. He then entered the race for the 24/7 title, holding it for 112 days - the longest in the history of the championship.

Reggie eventually lost the title to Drake Maverick, but won it back the same night, only to lose it a few weeks later to Cedric Alexander.