Randy Orton reveals the secret of his extraordinary longevity

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Randy Orton reveals the secret of his extraordinary longevity

During his WWE career, Randy Orton held the WWE Championship ten times, the heavyweight title four times, and once each the Intercontinental Championship, United States Championship, World Tag Team Championship, Raw Tag Team Championship, and the SmackDown Tag Team Championship, becoming the 10th wrestler in history to have completed the Grand Slam.

The 'Legend Killer' also boasts the record for the highest number of participations in WWE pay-per-view events (at 177). A guest in the latest edition of the 'Ringer Wrestling Show', the Viper explained how the philosophy of 'less is more' has helped him stay on the crest of the wave for so long.

Randy Orton on the 'less is more' philosophy

“If you want your career to be long, you can't afford to risk your life every single night. I love athletes like Reggie, who has a very spectacular wrestling style. Still, I'm pretty worried about him.

If he continues to perform all these flips, his knees will give out even before reaching the pinnacle of his career. Knowing how to manage is essential to last a long time in this business. I learned this lesson from John Cena” - Randy Orton said.

Randy Orton has learned from past mistakes: “I think becoming a father has changed me. My wife has had a lot to do with my maturing process. It was a team effort if you know what I mean. I have been able to work with a lot of illustrious figures, from whom I have learned a lot.

Especially Edge and John Cena come to mind”. Orton also talked about his famous finishing move: “If I could go back, I would choose a finisher that doesn't involve a landing on the back. After performing RKO a couple of thousand times over the past two decades, my body is starting to suffer." In the January 10 episode of Raw, RK-Bro lost their titles to Chad Gable and Otis.

At the Royal Rumble, Randy was knocked out by Brock Lesnar after joining with number 29. RK-Bro are currently in a feud with Alpha Academy for the RAW Tag Team Championship. It could get wrapped up in time for the Elimination Chamber Premium Live Event, where Bobby Lashley will defend his newly-won WWE Championship inside the dreaded structure.

Orton and Riddle could both be a part of the Chamber Match, with one of them winning. This would add another level to a potential rivalry between the two of them at WrestleMania 38.