Doudrop wanted a different gimmick

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Doudrop wanted a different gimmick

In recent months, WWE has introduced numerous young athletes, both in the NXT rings and in the main roster rings, with all these new faces aiming to be the new Superstars of the company's future, as a few years ago they aimed to be Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and many other colleagues.

Some of them will surely succeed in breaking into the world of pro-wrestling, more precisely on the WWE television screens, while someone else, also thanks to a little in-depth and little expressed gimmick, will surely remain in the limbo of mid-carding, with the federation that a lot often relegates numerous athletes to that part of the card, only to release them or keep them there until the end of their career.

Among the new faces presented in the main roster in the last period, there is also Doudrop, a former athlete of NXT UK, who was fighting until a few months ago as Piper Niven and that Vince McMahon instead wanted to be called that now.

Doudrop (formerly known as Piper Niven) recently opened up about her name change in WWE, stating that she wasn't entirely sold on it at first.

Backstage news on Doudrop

Doudrop worked under the ring name Piper Niven during her time in NXT UK.

She made her main roster debut last year when she appeared on an episode of Monday Night RAW as Eva Marie's protege. The following week, Marie renamed her Doudrop. Apparently, the Scottish WWE athlete's said to be a very good dancer, so much so that despite her size, the girl breaks the stress backstage which has been appreciated among the general hilarity of colleagues and managers, several times.

Precisely in one of these situations, it seems that the Chairman also noticed this and wanted to offer the girl a particular gimmick, a bit similar to the numerous dancers who have appeared several times on the WWE TV screens, only to disappear for some time after.

In her latest interview with Wrestling Inc, Doudrop said: "It was a lot of fun because he wanted me to go out there and dance. I was like, 'I don't know if he saw my resume, but it doesn't say, dancer.' So I asked myself 'but why? I don't like this thing.

'That day, he came up to me and said' damn, I saw you move backstage the other afternoon, you were making that f**k, why can't you do that out there?' I replied that it was definitely another thing, doing it backstage and doing it in front of everyone because I was so ashamed.

At that point he said to me, 'But I just want others to see your true personality and therefore that you do what you do back here too.' Only then did I reply, 'Man, she really left me speechless with these statements.' I completely understood what she meant.

And from that point on, I started to feel more and more at ease jumping around and dancing in the ring as well."