X-Pac reveals why he hasn't returned to WWE

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X-Pac reveals why he hasn't returned to WWE

During last Saturday night, numerous athletes reappeared in the WWE rings after a while, especially in the company's real female brawl, where we saw some Hall of Famers and some athletes who had not fought in the WWE for years, but who have however churned out excellent performances, like The Undertaker's wife: Michelle McCool.

In the weeks immediately before the airing of the Rumble, many names were rumored but then did not appear on the WWE televisions, such as that of Jon Moxley or that of X-Pac, both former athletes of the federation, with one that he works assiduously in the All Elite Wrestling rings, at the moment and the other who is semi-retired from the world of struggled pro-wrestling.

If as far as Moxley is concerned, the main difficulty was to convince the AEW management as well as the fighter, as regards X-Pac, everything came apart due to the will of WWE itself, which seemingly had no interest in bringing the now veteran of wrestling back to his TV screens.

X-Pac opens up on the Royal Rumble

Back in the mid-90s, a lot of WWE's talent left the company to join WCW. One of the more well-known names to jump ship was The 1-2-3 Kid, X-Pac. He said that two of the reasons why he left were money and the fact that he did not feel creatively satisfied.

Sean Waltman, or X-Pac, is a well-known figure in the wrestling business, working for both WWE and WCW. One of the most defining moments in his career was when he scored a surprise pinfall on Razor Ramon, a victory that gave him the name "The 1-2-3 Kid".

In his latest interview released to Sports Illustrated microphones, the well-known WWE Hall of Famer wanted to take stock of the situation regarding his failure to call in that of the men's Royal Rumble, which had been rumored so much on the eve of the event.

Regarding this, Pac has in fact said: "As for the Royal Rumble, I gave them my maximum availability, saying that I would be ready if I was served. I've never had any talk about it being confirmed. I was not supposed to enter it.

But I just let them know that I could and I believe, at this point, they weren't interested." Despite everything, X-Pac, whose real name is Sean Waltman, will make his return to a pro-wrestling ring with GCW on February 25th, when he goes to fight alongside AEW's well-known face, Joey Janela, against the couple formed by Matt Cardona and Myers, both ex WWE, in the event called Heartbreak in Los Angeles.