Chris Masters comments on a possible WWE return

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Chris Masters comments on a possible WWE return

On the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast by John Poz, former WWE superstar currently serving at NWA, Chris Adonis who was known in Vince McMahon's federation as Chris Masters talked about his beginnings in professional wrestling and a possible return to WWE.

His last appearance in the company was in 2011, but he currently sees an opportunity to return.

Chris Masters on his potential WWE return

Current WWE Champion Bobby Lashley uses Chris Masters' old finisher, the Masterlock now referred to by him as The Hurt Lock.

Masters said about this: "I feel like every moment is a good opportunity for me to come back and make my presence felt to face the Masterlock challenge against The Hurt Lock. As Bruce Pritchard said in 'Something To Wrestle With' that they did earlier this month, it's just one of those situations where you never say such a thing.

For me, it's just one of those things you just have to be ready and focused on. ”During his time with WWE, he was plagued with several physical problems that he reveals is still recovering from today. In November 2007, Chris Masters was suspended for 60 days after violating the Athlete Welfare Policy for the second time.

Shortly after, due to the numerous doping substances taken, he was released by the federation. On this issue: "These types of problems are nationwide at this point, but you know the opioid epidemic has hit me. Painkillers have become a big deal for me.

I never thought it would all be like this. It has become an unmanageable situation. Obviously, I had a lot of money on hand and I had also acquired, essentially an infinite resource. Many people suffer and it is a very difficult thing to overcome”.

On John Cena, Chris Masters further revealed: “Cena expressed his disappointment with how I worked. It was difficult because I was collaborating with Shawn Michaels and him. Shawn also defended me a few times, telling me that he had no problem interacting with me, even raising his voice.

I appreciated it very much." After 13 years, Bobby Lashley adopted The Master Lock as his finishing move, albeit with a different name. Bobby's version of the move is known as 'The Hurt Lock' Masters was asked about Lashley using the move in an interview with Chris Van Vliet.

Masters said it made sense for Bobby to use his finishing maneuver as he was the one to break it and has the perfect physique to pull it off. “I’ve talked to MVP about this. It only makes sense. If anybody is going to use the Full Nelson, the guy who broke it, and a guy who is a physical force like Bobby Lashley,'' said Masters.