Booker T on facing Roman Reigns

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Booker T on facing Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns, who has held the Universal Championship for over 500 days, has faced and defeated several high-profile superstars over the past year and a half. The 'Tribal Chief' repelled Edge and Daniel Bryan's joint assault on WrestleMania, as well as having a brief feud with Rey Mysterio and John Cena.

After defeating the 16-time world champion at SummerSlam, Reigns had to witness Brock Lesnar's resounding return to WWE. The two clashed in Crown Jewel, Saudi Arabia, with Roman coming out victorious thanks also to the fundamental help of Jey and Jimmy Uso.

The second chapter of their heated rivalry should have been held on 'Day 1', the first pay-per-view of 2022, but Reigns' positivity to the Coronavirus has upset the federation's plans. The showdown between Roman and Brock will be staged at WrestleMania 38, the most anticipated event of the entire season.

In the latest edition of his 'Hall of Fame' podcast, Booker T revealed that he would be willing to return to the ring to challenge Roman Reigns. The five-time WCW World Heavyweight Championship hasn't fought in over a decade, save for a few appearances in 'Reality of Wrestling'

Booker T speaks about Roman Reigns

"If I was offered the chance to step into the ring with someone, I would only accept if the opponent was Roman Reigns" - said Booker T. "He is a performer who stimulates me a lot, I have repeated it several times in recent months.

I'd like to see if there is still some petrol in my tank. I would try to present myself in the best possible form” - added the two-time WWE Hall of Famer. Booker T went on to praise Roman: “I think he's the best wrestler in the world right now.

He's done a crazy job over the past two years. Everyone who stepped into the ring with Reigns benefited greatly. They became better wrestlers and performers after working with him, it's an objective fact. He has made his opponents stronger every single time.

He has reached the pinnacle of his career." The Head of the Table went toe-to-toe against Seth Rollins at the Royal Rumble premium live event and lost the match via Disqualification. Following the bout, he launched a brutal assault on The Visionary.

It can be expected that Rollins will want revenge against Reigns at some point. Roman Reigns also interfered in the WWE Championship match between Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley, costing the former his title. Later in the night, The Beast Incarnate shocked the world by entering the Men's Royal Rumble at #30 and winning the entire thing.