WWE can no longer build organic storylines

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WWE can no longer build organic storylines

WWE has suffered from the effects of the global pandemic, which have also hit the sports entertainment business violently. The Stamford-based federation has been forced to release large numbers of superstars and insiders over the past year and a half.

Famous names like Braun Strowman, Aleister Black, Mickie James, Andrade, John Morrison and Bray Wyatt had to pack. Some of them have moved into All Elite Wrestling, whose sudden rise has put Vince McMahon and his associates in trouble.

Tony Khan's company has succeeded in the feat of hiring two authentic giants like CM Punk and Bryan Danielson. In the 'war' of ratings, AEW has taken over WWE in the 18 to 49-year-old demographic. Vince Russo worked at WWE as a head writer in the late 1990s when Raw recorded the highest ratings in its 29-year history.

He worked closely with absolute legends of that time, including Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold Steve Austin. In a long conversation on Sportskeeda, Russo detailed the problems facing WWE right now.

WWE is trying to renew itself

Melina made her return to WWE as the second entrant in the fifth annual Women's Royal Rumble match last weekend but came up short when she was eliminated within minutes.

The former Women's Champion went toe-to-toe with Sasha Banks but was eliminated quickly after what might have been a botch on the outside of the ring. WWE fans have since been outraged by Melina's short cameo in the match and it appears that the star herself also believed that she would play a much bigger part in the bout.

"When the characters are well defined in the eyes of the public, the shows write themselves" - explained Russo. “In my day, superstars had characteristics that are perfectly recognizable to everyone. Austin was Austin, Vince was Vince, Shawn was Shawn.

Each stayed true to the character that was assigned to him. The plots went on organically, while today the exact opposite happens" - he continued. Russo threw a jab at John Cena and The Undertaker: “Who did these two legends pass the baton to? The truth is, they didn't help the young talents stand out.

They just disappeared. Taker has moved away for age reasons, while Cena has now become one of the most popular actors in Hollywood. When Vince McMahon needs big stars for an event in Saudi Arabia or WrestleMania, he offers them a lot of money and they get back in the ring."