Jim Ross talks about Triple H

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Jim Ross talks about Triple H

During the latest episode of his Grilling JR podcast, Jim Ross talked about the upcoming WWE Hall of Fame and Mickie James' appearance at the Royal Rumble. He also talked about Triple H. Jim Ross believes WWE’s creative team sometimes showed a lack of respect for the wrestling business.

In 1996, Steve Austin wanted to reinvent himself as a cold-blooded character after initially debuting in WWE as The Ringmaster. The former WCW star was given a list of possible new ring names, including Chilly McFreeze and Ice Dagger.

Jim Ross talks about Triple H

On Triple H: "Someone had spread the word that Triple H was not a hard worker. But instead, The Game is a formidable wrestler who has become more and more established over time. My feeling is that a lot of people don't appreciate his work.

You can't tell me he's a bad wrestler. This is a lie, I assure you 100%. I'm just wondering now if Triple H will enter the Hall of Fame this year. It would be a really interesting question, I don't know how to answer it but if he deserves it.

I think it's just a matter of time”. On Mickie James' appearance at the Royal Rumble and her being in a WWE PPV despite being under contract to Impact Wrestling, Jim Ross revealed: "Seeing that WWE chose Mickie James in the Royal Rumble despite everything, it shows how things have changed.

I tuned in to Royal Rumble because I'm a wrestling fan and was here at home alone so thought I'd check it out. I was really proud of Mickie. He is one of my favorite women I have worked with in my career." On the women's division and Ronda Rousey: “Charlotte and Becky are the two best stars of the federation.

Ronda Rousey, on the other hand, personifies the Brock Lesnar woman version. She and she is the baddest on the planet. I really like both her and her husband, they are really good people. She is one of the biggest stars in the world, there really is no bigger star in women's wrestling than Ronda Rousey.

" On Curtis Axel reveals: “I'm a little surprised that Curtis didn't stay in the wrestling world after WWE. I've always had a soft spot for that guy, I really like him a lot. I met him in person and he made a very good impression on me.

Now he takes care of his mother and his whole family but it would be a shame if an athlete like him couldn't find space in this business."