Rey Mysterio opens up on his famous masks

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Rey Mysterio opens up on his famous masks

In an appearance in Rasslin with Brandon F. Walker, Rey Mysterio revealed that he owns many masks that he only uses once and that some he would give away over the years. On his masks, Rey Mysterio stated: “I have less than 5,000 masks.

I think it's just over 1,000, around 1,100. All the ones I use, I use them once. Especially for PPVs. After using them, I keep them. Every now and then, when I feel like it's been a while, I go ahead and bring them back out on TV.

When I was in WWE, my early years when I wore baggy clothing, a lot of that material wasn't stored well and went to waste. But now I'm very picky with my outfits and I like to keep them in a certain way. I have OCD from what I use."

Backstage news on Rey Mysterio

Many of Rey Mysterio's masks and costumes are difficult to make, as it takes a lot of planning and design:" I enjoy working on masks for months.

I think of so many ideas and I might already have something in my head, let's say right after WrestleMania "Recently, Rey Mysterio was announced as the cover Superstar of the next WWE 2K22 video game. He said he was very honored and happy to represent his people and her past in Lucha Libre: "It's great.

It is a great honor for me to be able to represent all my people through the cover of 2K22. I have already shared covers in the past, even in WCW with the nWo. I had in fact shared covers with other Superstars in the past. This time everything revolved strictly around my mask and my image.

It's fantastic and it's a huge honor, especially after 20 years of WWE experience. This beautiful start of 2022 with these crazy times that have passed is a blessing”. In an interview with TMZ Sports, Rey Mysterio also talked about his future retirement: “I am waiting to see a match and realize I can't do it anymore.

I'll have to say 'Wow, it's time to hang up the mask, I guess' For now, however, I feel fine. Besides worrying about myself, now I feel like doing it for my son too because I want him to do a good job." With Pete Dunne reportedly set for the main roster call-up, he should be in line for a huge WrestleMania 38 showdown.

The former NXT UK Champion had a remarkable run in both NXT brands. He was the face of the UK offshoot before coming over to North America to win the Tag Team Titles with Riddle. One of the best options for Dunne's opponent would be a legend like Mysterio.

The former WWE Champion is still simply spectacular to watch in the ring. At 47, he still possesses incredible speed and agility.