Nia Jax responds to fierce criticism from fans


Nia Jax responds to fierce criticism from fans

During a recent appearance on The Sessions with Renee Paquette, Nia Jax spoke about the allegations against her while she was under contract with WWE. On fan allegations, Nia Jax said: “Whoever was in the locker room knew I was much bigger than everyone and I know I was the strongest.

My coach Sara Amato used to tell me: 'You must always be aware of what you can do because you are very big compared to the others. If you throw your arm or hit someone in the face it will never be the same as when someone smaller than you do.'

I've always been aware of this. I've always tried to be careful. I have worked with Alexa Bliss for most of my career, she is so small but she always trusted me. It hurt to hear the fans saying I was injuring everyone voluntarily.

In my career, I know I have injured two people. Becky is one of these and she is also another one but I don't want to take her out, I know I did that I apologized. There have been many things about me. We struggle and work 300 days a year and sometimes it happens that one of my moves is not super clean and smooth.

I consciously go the extra mile to make sure I can't hurt anyone. I want us to go out laughing and having fun."

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About her on her choice to refuse the vaccine that would lead to her firing: “I have held my position on some things I know they were not happy with.

I was choosing not to go get the vaccine. I remember sitting with Vince because for the entire two years I was there we were tested every day. I've never tested positive, I've never taken COVID. She said to me 'well dear, but then you won't be able to fulfill some of your contractual duties'

And I said 'well, if this is the situation then it will be like this.' It is a business and I understand that you have to manage it all but I have made a decision for myself. I always follow my instincts and I felt like doing this." As mentioned earlier, Nia Jax's WWE career was marred by accusations of being unsafe towards her co-workers in the ring on various occasions.

In late 2018, Jax accidentally hit Becky Lynch in the face and left her a bloody mess on an episode of RAW. During the height of the pandemic, Jax faced former WWE Superstar Kairi Sane in a singles match on RAW.

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