What's next for Veer Mahaan?

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What's next for Veer Mahaan?

In recent weeks, at least with a clip or a short video on Monday Night Raw, WWE has been trying to put hype on its fans, anticipating a debut, which would actually be a return to the federation's rings, of an Indian athlete already seen in that of NXT and then alongside Jinder Mahal in that of the main roster.

We are obviously talking about Veer Mahaan, a gigantic athlete of Indian origins, on which WWE wanted to focus to expand the market of the Asian country, as already done in the past with The Great Khali or with Jinder Mahal himself, which WWE systematically does for years, even with other athletes from other parts of the world, especially with Mexican ones.

Apparently, however, it would seem that the plans to bring the big bearded man back to the scene have been completely canceled, or rather, it would seem that the WWE has never really had serious plans to bring back its Asian athlete, with his apparition that slipped week after week, until it came to a standstill.

Will WWE ever introduce Veer Mahaan to the crowd?

During the latest episode of Legion of RAW, Vince Russo discussed WWE star Veer Mahaan. At this point, the entire WWE Universe has been watching the same vignettes for six weeks now.

“You’re not gonna just roll right past, the Veer Mahaan, coming bro, I’m watching this is the same exact vignette now for six weeks and I’m watching this bro. Talk to the chat room again is there one person with a pulse that is watching these vignettes and saying, 'I can’t wait.'

Like, seriously bro, is there one person alive saying, 'Oh my god, I can’t wait?' Bro, what purpose are these things serving? What purpose?" questioned Vince Russo. In one of the latest updates that came online about this matter, Sean Ross Sapp, a well-known journalist of the Fightful site, who participated only a few days ago in a question and answer session with WWE fans, helps us to understand something.

which the reporter was asked about Veer from Monday Night Raw. Regarding the plans for his return to the scene, Sean said: "I'm not convinced he will do it in the end, but if he does and when he does, it will take little time to send him away.

He has now become a thorn in the side of this point." Although it seemed at the beginning that WWE could bet very strongly on Indian talent, so much so that it also bought the rights to the name "Veer Mahaan" since November, at this point (as has already happened many times in the past), it seems that the WWE has lost enthusiasm and desire towards this character, with the oblivion of the company that now has another name on the roster within itself.