What will Shane McMahon do now?

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What will Shane McMahon do now?

According to what was reported in recent days by Ringside News, it would seem that Vince McMahon, personally found himself in difficulty in front of his son's selfish and counterproductive choices, in front of the rest of the creative team, has decided to literally kick his son out of the backstage, obviously in a way silent and calm, without everyone noticing the thing during the evening of the Royal Rumble.

Shane McMahon would have effectively ousted Jamie Noble from the booking of the male Rumble, taking total control of the thing, placing himself among the final men of the contest, having more following and more importance in terms of booking of great characters in WWE.

Other chain sites have begun to confirm these rumors and the Wrestling Observer also added: “Faster than his re-appearance in WWE, Shane McMahon is now out of WWE. Dave Meltzer reported the news Wednesday, confirming a previous Ringside News report.

Meltzer said McMahon is "out of society", but it is not known if his talent contract was terminated or if plans for him for the next two months were simply abandoned."

What's next for Shane McMahon?

In an update, multiple people who were at the arena on Saturday pointed out that Shane McMahon was truly self-centred, and made things all about himself and his ideas, according to a report by PWTorch's Wade Keller.

It was also said that Shane did not inquire about the plans for the match. Apparently, Shane is not keeping up with the WWE stories as it was made clear that he didn't know what was going on on TV, which was what it took to build certain storyline moments within the male Rumble.

It is also said that Shane went "too far" with his actions. There was a plan for the men's Rumble, but Shane was pushing back the WWE producers who were simply trying to follow what Vince told them to do in the match.

We remind you that for Shane McMahon there were plans for both Elimination Chamber and Wrestlemania 38, which now obviously seem canceled. It's certainly disappointing to see the relationship between Shane and Vince McMahon disintegrating.

Shane O' Mac's return was supposed to set up an intriguing storyline that placed him as a heel on RAW leading into the Elimination Chamber and moving onto WrestleMania 38. Now that he has been let go after being back for only one night, it's hard to say if he's ever going to return.

But it's been reported that Vince was left with no choice due to the amount of heat surrounding Shane in the company.