Vince Russo reflects on Shane McMahon


Vince Russo reflects on Shane McMahon

On the sidelines of Royal Rumble 2022, the Shane McMahon case exploded. The son of the WWE boss would have effectively ousted Jamie Noble from the booking of the men's Royal Rumble match, taking over the reins of the royal brawl and going up to the final stages of the contest.

In doing so, Shane gained more prominence than illustrious superstars like Big E or Kevin Owens. This behavior's said to have infuriated Vince McMahon, forcing him to make a sensational decision. A reconstruction of the facts also confirmed by Dave Meltzer: “Shane McMahon is out of WWE.

His contractual situation is unknown, but his plans up to WrestleMania have been abandoned. Vince had no other choice. Shane wreaked havoc and angered everyone backstage. Sending him home was the only solution at that time". In the latest episode of 'The Bro Show', former WWE and WCW writer Vince Russo expressed his opinion on recent events.

Vince Russo on Shane McMahon

“I have worked in WWE as a head writer for several years and I know very well how the system works. I know almost all the people who play WWE backstage, not just those who go on television.

I can assure you that Shane McMahon is very different from how he is portrayed in the media. He doesn't have a giant ego and has never had a bullying attitude towards other athletes or employees. I am able to say these things by virtue of my long experience there” - explained Vince Russo.

Vince is back to talk about Bray Wyatt: “If WWE had handled him with a minimum of intelligence, he would have become the new The Undertaker. I have no doubts about it. From the moment he joined WWE, Wyatt should have acquired a special aura.

Once he got to the top, he was supposed to defeat Taker at WrestleMania. Bray had all the credentials to be the Gravedigger's heir. We don't know what happened behind the scenes and why things went differently." As per Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Shane McMahon did not get much of what he wanted.

Despite getting a few solid spots in the battle royal, he made matters worse after botching his elimination at the hands of Brock Lesnar. ''About the only thing left in regarding him looking good was a spot where he would outstrike babyface and former UFC fighter Riddle,'' said Meltzer.

''It didn’t help matters that he botched his elimination spot with Lesnar as he was supposed to be clotheslined over the top rope, but didn’t get over on the first attempt, so they had to do it again.' '

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