Paul Heyman praises some WWE talents

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Paul Heyman praises some WWE talents

A guest in the latest episode of the WWE After The Bell podcast, the most famous manager in wrestling - Paul Heyman - talked about some superstars who are the future for him in this business and still have a lot to prove.

"I see more than one name," he said when asked to just name one. "I'll tell you, selfishly, you're talking about evolution; you haven't seen the best of Roman Reigns yet. Roman Reigns in a year's time will be much bigger than this Roman Reigns is today.

This Friday's Roman Reigns will be better than Roman Reigns. last Friday. I'll throw Usos there too. Usos, as a tag team, are infinitely better than six months ago and six months ago they were already the best tag team of the last 20 years.

I say those names selfishly."

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Paul Heyman also made a name for the women's division: “I don't think you've seen the best of Charlotte Flair. She has just started. Charlotte Flair, in her heart, will not object to this claim, there will come one day in this industry, that Charlotte Flair will be able to take advantage of the opportunity it creates itself where Ric Flair is known as the father of Charlotte Flair.

She is so good. Whether she faces Sasha Banks or Bianca Belair or Becky Lynch, Shayna Baszler or Nattie, with whoever Charlotte enters the ring, Charlotte Flair will put on a show. I've never seen Charlotte Flair not go out there with a determination not to steal the show.

That's what strikes me about her." While among the men, he added, “I don't think we have yet seen the top with the physical abilities of Matt Riddle. He gets better and better with every match I see where he is.

After his initiation with the public he proves how capable he is, Riddick Moss will be a star. I don't think anyone has any idea how capable he is. He has shown that he can enter any personality that is assigned to him at the moment.

When Riddick Moss is to emerge out of his shell and into his next incarnation, the same way The Big Dog elevated his game and evolved into the Tribal Chief, in the next iteration of Riddick Moss in WWE, there will be no way to stop it.

He is a main eventer." Lastly, Paul Heyman named: Bron Breakker, Gable Steveson, Mandy Rose, Rhea Ripley, Kevin Owens and Big E. The next logical piece was him asking if the wrestler could talk to Vince McMahon about letting him take photos at ringside.

A combination of managers, The Grand Wizard, Fred Blassie, and Lou Albano, liked this curly-haired, very enterprising young man and told Vince that Paul would give copies of any photos he needed. Sold. He was in.