Smackdown: New challenge for Roman Reigns

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Smackdown: New challenge for Roman Reigns

In recent days there has been a lot of discussion about the future of the WWE Universal Championship, with Brock Lesnar who has now officially challenged the champion of the Friday Night Smackdown blue show to a match at Wrestlemania 38 valid for his title, after winning the men's Royal Rumble of the company, just a few days ago.

Although the final face to face between the two has not yet arrived, in the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, Brock Lesnar clearly told Bobby Lashley, that his choice for Wrestlemania is Roman Reigns, but The Beast wants to get to the clash of the Showcase of the Immortals as a WWE champion, then at Elimination Chamber, he will be one of the challengers to the title of Raw, inside the homonymous cage in Saudi Arabia.

In all this, however, the transition opponent of the Tribal Chief of the McMahon-owned company was still missing, with this character who revealed himself in the federation's rings only this night, in the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown aired on the networks of the FOX.

Let's talk about none other than WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg.

Goldberg challenged Roman Reigns

WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg is set to return to the company to take on Universal Champion Roman Reigns in a first-time-ever match.

According to Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select, the match could take place at WWE Elimination Chamber in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on February 19. In the episode of the blue show aired until a few hours ago, in fact, the Tribal Chief and his mentor Paul Heyman, wanted to open the show, explaining the reasons that led Mad Genius to attack Brock Lesnar from behind, with Roman Reigns once again welcoming Lesnar's longtime manager into his Bloodline, forgiving him for past vicissitudes, with Heyman once again crowning his Tribal Chief, in front of everyone.

At the highlight of this promo, when Heyman had already praised his Universal champion to the fullest, however, the unexpected presence arrived, with the music of Da Man, Bill Goldberg, who, entering the ring, wanted to recognize the Tribal Chief as his next sacrificial victim at the ppv Elimination Chamber, saying the classic phrase "You're Next"

With these simple words, we already have another cartel match for the all-Arab WWE PPV, after seeing the inclusion in the card of the Elimination Chamber for the WWE Championship or the titled match for the Raw Women's Championship between Becky Lynch and Lita. or the one valid for the Smackdown duo titles, between the Usos and the Viking Raiders.