Smackdown: Naomi has secured an important chance

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Smackdown: Naomi has secured an important chance

Hello and welcome to the Friday Night SmackDown report. Brock Lesnar has decided to challenge Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania, but aiming for a title vs title match, while for the choice of Ronda Rousey we will have to wait. Will you tell us your challenger for the Showcase of Immortals tonight? In the Paycom Center in Oklahoma City, everything is ready, at the keyboard your SimoneSian, we can begin.

- The episode opens with the entry of the full Bloodline, complete with Paul Heyman! The lawyer says he deserved the sacking and Superman Punch from the Head of the Table, he preferred to help Brock Lesnar while he was on Raw, but at the Royal Rumble, he understood that Reigns would win anyway and that it was Brock.

to have to be protected by the opponent. Roman gave him the chance to redeem himself and is now his Chieftain again. Naomi and Sonya Deville feud came to a head once again last Saturday in St. Louis. During the women's Royal Rumble match, Sonya eliminated Naomi from the match when she least expected it.

This week, Naomi entered the WWE officials' office to tell Sonya that she wanted to see her in the ring in five minutes. The former Total Divas star meant business, but Sonya stalled.

Naomi is ambitious

A surprised Naomi said she would love that, but she did not believe Sonya.

Adam Pearce then stepped in and said he would give her his word and liked the sound of the idea. Pearce made the match official. THE MUSIC OF GOLDBERG RINGS! DA MAN IS HERE! I want to specify that I wrote it in capital letters for the record, not because it pleases me.

Grandfather Oldberg sniffs Arab money and wakes up from hibernation, climbs the ropes... and goes to tell the Universal champion that he will be next, challenging him for Elimination Chamber. So, at random. The segment ends with Reigns leaving.

Of course, the WWE Official came out to the ring and made a special announcement for Naomi. “We’re gonna get to the match, but first I have a few surprises. As your special guest ring announcer, let me introduce Natalya.

And, as your special time keeper, let me introduce Shayna Baszler”. Natalya came out without any props, but Shayna Baszler came out with a hammer. As soon as the bell went off, Naomi rolled out the ring and attacked Shayna Baszler first. The hammer dropped from Baszler’s hand and Naomi smashed her face on the ring before Baszler went down.