Smackdown: The Viking Raiders will try to emerge

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Smackdown: The Viking Raiders will try to emerge

Ridge Holland vs Ricochet. In the final the battle moves out of the ring and Holland seems to have the upper hand, while a fight between Sheamus and Cesaro starts. Ridge takes Ricochet back to the square and joins him, but ...

RICOCHET CODEBREAKER! Thanks to the commentators I understand that the idea was that of the usual distraction caused by an external argument, but the English did not stop for a moment, so it is not too credible. In any case ...

1 ... 2 ... 3! Victory for Ricochet. On the January 14 episode of WWE SmackDown, The Viking Raiders won a Fatal 4-Way match to become no.1 contenders for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship. One-half of the tag team champions, Jimmy Uso, squared off against Erik in a one-on-one match this week, and it was revealed that their championship match would take place at the Elimination Chamber event in Jeddah in two weeks.

The Viking Raiders will try to emerge

They strategically let their opponents wear each other down. They then went in on the kill. Ivar of The Viking Raiders attempted to bring down both Ricochet and Cedric Alexander at once.

He succeeded, but also managed to bring his own partner down with him. Sheamus & Ridge Holland vs Cesaro & Ricochet. After the publicity, we discover that a tag-team match has just been sanctioned, after the theoretically controversial ending of the previous one.

In the final Cesaro and Sheamus battle it out on the post, but Holland takes the change just before the Swiss Superplex. Ridge takes advantage of it immediately ... NORTHERN GRIFT! .. 1 ... 2 ... 3! Victory for the British team. - Jimmy Uso vs Erik.

Wearable but fairly insignificant match, with Jimmy's victory after a strange Uso Splash that the Samoan twin accompanies by pointing upwards. Andrade and Garza have improved a lot over the days. Just weeks ago, they were in shambles and quarreling with one another rather than their opponents.

However, since Randy Orton talked some sense into them in the match against The Viking Raiders and The Big Show, they have been in a new spirit entirely. The two have been working together as a team and strategically winning matches.

This renewed work ethic will go a long way for the tag team that looks to win the biggest accomplishment they can and capture the belt from The Street Profits. They might just go on and do it at the big stage of SummerSlam. If they keep going like this, the fanbase will also be behind them.