Smackdown: Aliyah scored another major victory

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Smackdown: Aliyah scored another major victory

Natalya vs Aliyah. In the final, the clash moves out of the square and Nattie obviously has the upper hand, while the referee counts out both. Arriving at 7, Natalya is distracted to complain about the count and Aliyah takes the opportunity to push her against the hurdles (which were far too far, but Nattie makes a very long run to be able to bump into them) ...

8 ... the former NXT gets into the ring ... 9 ... 10! Victory for Count Out. - Drew McIntyre reaches the square! The Scotsman says that, according to doctors, his return was scheduled for after Wrestlemania, but he is here and now wants to take revenge for the attack on Royal Rumble.

Aliyah looked to pick up another win over Natalya this week. The Queen of Harts beat down the NXT export early and looked to weaken her once again. Aliyah stayed alert outside the ring and sent her opponent into the guardrail before beating the referee’s count.

She picked up the win via countout as Natalya looked on in disbelief.

Aliyah won again

The match wasn’t anything special, but it did put Aliyah over once again. The superstar has been around for a long time now, and it’s good to see her finally get some chances.

HAPPY CORBIN IS COMING! This is clearly just a way to distract Drew, but he is smarter than usual, he understands what is about to happen and avoids the assault behind Madcap Moss by pointing his sword to his throat. McIntyre not too kindly asks Moss to tell a joke about him.

''What does a convicted felon have in common with WrestleMania's main event? Both will come out scot-free (which means both unscathed and without the Scottish)." Drew laughs, but then gives a Claymore to the little fun opponent and tells Corbin it's not over.

During a backstage interview following her win, Aliyah looked delighted at her incredible achievement. The future is looking bright for Aliyah. However, this looks like a step back for Natalya, considering all her achievements in 2021.

In late 2021, Natalya became a record-breaker. She etched her name thrice in the Guinness World Records. On this week’s episode of WWE SmackDown, Natalya became a part of another new WWE record (a rather unwanted one for her).