Smackdown: New Day defeated Los Lotharios

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Smackdown: New Day defeated Los Lotharios

Sonya Deville and Charlotte Flair reach the ring! Sonya tells the champion that Becky Lynch has told her that Ronda Rousey has chosen Becky as her opponent at Wrestlemania, so she will have another challenger. Flair replies that she had no doubts, she didn't choose to face a true champion, but she wants a quiet challenge between mothers.

Charlotte asks the audience who they should choose and then opts for Sasha Banks! IN MANIA WE WILL HAVE CHARLOTTE VS SASH ... ah no! RONDA ROUSEY IS COMING! Ronda, who has the communicative ability of my bedroom pillow, tells Flair that she has already kicked her once and she will do it again at Wrestlemania.

Oh, but are you making up your mind? Charlotte replies that her title is her baby and is more beautiful than Rousey's. She is very mean, but she made me laugh. The Los Lotharios Angel and Humberto competed against Kofi Kingston and Big E on WWE SmackDown.

The heels took control of the contest with some smart moves to put New Day on the back foot. Many young WWE fans had their hearts broken on the latest episode of Friday Night SmackDown.

New Day def. Los Lotharios

Popular Tag Team, The New Day, was split up!

Just when Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston made their long-awaited return and won their titles back, and it looked like the new SmackDown Tag-team Champions were ready for a reunion, they met their bitter end. They isolated Kingston before Big E got the h*t tag.

In the recent episode of Friday Night SmackDown, Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo got their newest tag team names. Recently, when the tag team stepped in the ring, a new name got displayed ‘Los Lotharios’. Both men showed their athleticism in the ring and impressed everyone.

The former WWE Champion went on a roll and nearly picked up the win with Kofi. The Midnight Hour was enough for the babyfaces to pick up another win. It was a good match that showed how well Big E and Kofi worked together. The former UFC looks ready for a fight, but Sonya gets in the way and remembers that she's in charge here.

Ronda pushes the Officer away and attacks the SmackDown champion, but Deville jumps onto her shoulders and takes them, ending up a victim of the Armbar. This episode of the blue show ends with the Flair leaving under the furious gaze of mother Ronda.