New details on Shane McMahon's status

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New details on Shane McMahon's status

Shane McMahon's televised return to WWE after being away for some time didn't go as he thought. Several news reports document how much he was really frowned upon by all of what happened at the Royal Rumble, especially by exercising his power.

And among the most severe, apparently, there was also Brock Lesnar himself. It is now clear to everyone that Shane McMahon worked in the event also and mainly as one of the producers of the men's Royal Rumble, but many in America claim that this did him a lot of harm.

In fact, in the locker rooms and beyond, he has attracted many dislikes from various people for trying to focus the brawl with 30 men on himself. So much so that he had foreseen a real face to face with Brock Lesnar, then winner of the match.

Vince McMahon also flunked many of his ideas, which ultimately led to the demolition of all creative plans for him (which could even lead to a new WrestleMania match). By virtue of this chain of events, Shane will no longer work for the company as on-screen talent.

And Brock Lesnar's reaction also played a part in this.

Backstage news on Shane McMahon

'Fightful Select' reports that Brock Lesnar, who won the Royal Rumble match, was not happy with Shane McMahon's behavior when planning the contest.

According to the source, in fact, Shane had particularly stuck on his ideas, doing everything possible to make them come to life during the show. As mentioned, this was not the case for everyone. But the climate unleashed by Vince's son was not at all welcome, and Brock's rejection did the rest.

It remains to be seen what Shane's future will be in professional wrestling. Although AEW's Dax Harwood (known in WWE days as Dash Wilder) recently contacted Shane on social media, there have been people in WWE who would try to warn All Elite Wrestling President Tony Khan about a possible signing of Shane.

In other words, they tried to get him to let it go, describing his behavior in case Khan was interested in working with him. Vince Russo took to Twitter and teased the possibility of Shane O'Mac starting his own promotion. The wrestling veteran said the time was perfect for McMahon to use his experience and gather all the resources required to set up a wrestling company.

"Just throwing this out there, maybe it's time for @shanemcmahon to Start His OWN WRESTLING PROMOTION. He has the experience/funds/know-how and intelligence. PLUS he's not a MARK and CERTAINLY not an A**H*** like the Other two Current Promoters. I'd be the 1st One to Support Him," wrote Vince Russo.