Could James Ellsworth win the WWE Championship?

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Could James Ellsworth win the WWE Championship?

Throughout the history of WWE, the most disparate characters in the rings of the McMahon-owned company have alternated, with different actors, singers and characters known to the public decidedly not for their contribution to the world of wrestling, who have however played within the roster of the federation.

Taking the latest edition of the federation's Royal Rumble as an example, we had two entrances into the male royal brawl, as Bad Bunny and Johnny Knoxville, with the Hollywood rapper and actor making their entrance into the match, even taking some not indifferent bump for two laymen.

A few years ago, however, it was the turn of an athlete from the independent federations, who did it for a living, but who overnight found himself catapulted into the rings and in front of the WWE cameras, without having had the right time to grow and gain experience to be able to make a figure in front of the cameras of a large company like WWE.

We are talking about James Ellsworth, an athlete who had started his stint with a one night only match against Braun Strowman and who in the end was so liked by the fans of the company and the Chairman, that WWE wanted to sign him for months.

Throughout his long stint in the Stamford federation, James Ellsworth was also joined by Carmella, when she was one of Smackdown's most renowned faces, with the athlete also managing to have major victories against the reigning WWE Champion all era, AJ Styles.

What's next for James Ellsworth?

At one point, Ellsworth even had a title shot for the world title, with the WWE Chairman apparently having the idea of ​​making him win even in a split second, with this hypothesis that was soon discarded.

As revealed in his latest Ellsworth interview, on Cheap Heat Productions podcast in fact: "Several people came up to me and said 'Hey, man, in the meeting we just finished we talked about you winning the title' and I said 'well, okay' Several road agents told me.

Vince McMahon himself never said anything to me, but I never paid much attention to it anyway. I'm a realistic person - they would never have let me win the title and in fact they didn't." In the end, despite never having won the overall title of the McMahon-owned company, James Ellsworth still managed to beat the WWE Champion of the time, AJ Styles, three times, assembling a very interesting storyline that involved a lot of the WWE Universe, for whole weeks, as only a great pro-wrestling expert could have done.